Perch Project


Your objective is to create infographic about the perch fish. I recommend using, or power point but you are welcome to choose anything you want. In your infographic you will explain the taxonomy, evolution, ecology roles, and anatomy of a perch. You will also include the labeling of the internal and external anatomy. In addition, you will each be assigned a to focus on a specific system and list its organs, how it functions and what other systems does it interact with(For this part remember that perch are a type of fish in case you have trouble finding information.) Lastly you will include some additional information about the perch as well as a works cited. Attached is the list of what organ system you are assigned as well as things you may need. If you have any question send me a message.

Background information :

its scientific name is perca it lives in ponds or lakes.

They usually eat insects smaller fish and sometimes other perches and get eaten by larger fish.

It is a secondary consumer.

they compete with bass for food.

some organs:


* stomach




explanation of digestive system of a perch:

*the liver lets bile out to help the digestive processes

*the spleen destroys unpurified blood

*the stomach holds the food for digestion

*the intestine which is between the stomach and the anus absorbs nutrients

*the anus helps dispose of waist via feces

Work sited: