Personal News Letter

Publisher: Nick Stonecypher Vol.1 Issue Date: 3/19/15

The Best Day in the World

June 14, 2000 marks an exceptional day in my life. I was born! It is also the worst day. On day one I was diagnosed with asthma. Most kids grow out of it, but I didn't. It is not as bad, but it does get in the way of some activities. According to legend, my sister named me and not my parents. She apparently like the name Nicolas, and so my parents listened to their four year old. I have come to understand that the other options were more "interesting" names. For example, my parents contemplated Arthur, Arnold, and Gerald. I think Nick works nicely.

Lightening Strikes

When I was six years old, my babysitter, cousin, my sister, and me were having a regular day on the beach until a lightening bolt struck right into the middle of our huddle. That sent me flying back a few feet, and my faced was doused with tears. I went into denial and I pretended it was a big wind. I suffered no injuries.

Asthma Takes Over

In the third grade, I had the worst asthma. It sent me to the hospital for about a week and a half. I could barely breathe for a few hours. An ambulance came to Gulf Gate Elementary School and they took me to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. I remember it being scary. I was hooked up to machines. The best part is that they staff gifted me with a teddy bear.

Welcome to the Big Apple

In the 8th grade, my classmates and I fundraised for a trip to anywhere in the eastern United States. We landed in New York City. No one knew where they were going except for me. It was a bit stressful as my classmates became dependent on Apple maps even thought I knew exactly where I was going as I had visited NYC a few times prior. We did visit the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Opera and Ground Zero. In addition, we hung out at the FAO Schwartz where there was a giant piano. It was a memorable moment in time my classmates and me.

High School and Future Aspiration

After graduating 8th grade I went to polytech and since then everything has been great for me. My future goals are to go to MIT and get a degree in robotics. Then go to San Diego and work for a revolutionary robotics company.
"To infinity and beyond!" ~ Buzz Lightyear