Library happenings for September

Our Purefoy Library has lots of happenings this month that we need to share!

There's lots to read, so grab your favorite beverage to sip on, get cozy and read on!!

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Book Fair happenings - lots of fun information!!

Beware of book fair pirates!! The Purefoy Bookfair will be Sept 12-23. The theme this year is pirates.

Things to know:

Our wonderful PTA will be setting up the Book Fair in the library on Monday & Tuesday, September 12/13. Teacher preview day with yummy snacks will be all day on Wednesday, September 14, student preview will be on September 15-16, and then the Book Fair will run September 19-26. Good news is that we will have all sorts of wonderful PTA events happening in our library. Bad news is that I won't be able to see your readers for new books beginning on September 12 thru September 23. I'm really, really sorry about that but appreciate your understanding.

It's my understanding that in prior years, the bookcases were moved which limited access to books you might need pulled for classroom lessons. I think that with the current set up we will most likely have better access to most books but don't hold me to it!! I know PTA is playing around with the set up. That being said, if your team can look ahead to books you might need during Book Fair, please let me know as quickly as possible. I'd much rather be safe than sorry!

Click this link if you'd like to have library fun in your classroom even though Book Fair is happening!!

*Click this link for your Preview and Shopping schedules!


Quick Reference of Book Fair dates:

September 9 - Last day library will be able to see readers, host read aloud and classes.

September 12/13 - Book Fair cases arrive, PTA decorates for Purefoy Book Fair.

September 14 - Teacher Preview Day (come shop during your planning period)

September 15/16 - Student Preview Day (click the link above for your schedule)

September 19-23 - Book Fair open for shopping

(scheduled class shopping times otherwise 7:30am-3:15pm)

September 19 - Open for family shopping from 5:00 - 5:45pm

(prior to WatchDog Dads kickoff at 6pm)

September 21 - Donuts with Dads @ 6:45 am

September 22 - Family shopping night 6:30-7:30 pm

(more information to come from PTA)

September 23 - Book Fair closes and packs up at 1:35 pm

September 26 - Purefoy Library is once again open for the business of seeing your readers! Yay!

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Important Library dates...

Please add the following dates to your calendar!! :)

September 12 - Read It Forward begins for all grade levels (*revised from 9/13)

September 12-23 - Library closed for Book Fair

October 3 - Library is hosting Hearing/Vision Screening

October 5 - Family Book Club applications due to the library

October 12 - Lunchtime Book Clubs begin for grades 3-5

October 13/14 - Lonestar Storytelling Festival (4th grade will attend one of the dates)

October 19 - Author Ursula Vernon visits 2nd and 3rd grade in the library from 8:30-9:15

November 1- Registration opens for Six Flags Reading program. I'll register everyone so disregard their emails!

January 13 - Family Book Club Celebration from 2:50-3:50pm

January 23-27 - 2x2 and Bluebonnet Voting celebrations

February 1- Dad/Dude and Mother/Daughter Book Club applications due

March 15/16 - Mrs. Fowler in the library for 3rd grade History of Frisco

March 31 - Dad/Dude Book Club celebration 2:50-3:50 in the Purefoy Library

April 7 - Mother/Daughter Book Club celebration 2:50-3:50 in the Purefoy Library

May 12-19 - BOGO Book Fair in Science Lab

May 15-18 - Books/Beach Towels & MORE for Children's Book Week Celebration.

May 15-18 - Student books due to the library

May 22 - Inventory begins

May 24 - Teacher materials due to the library

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What is Read it Forward?

Read it Forward will begin September 12 for ALL grade levels. This shouldn't be an extra thing for teachers beyond helping the book to circulate in your classroom, but I did want you to be aware.

A couple of students per class will "find" a book that is wrapped and says "Read Me" on the cover. They read the whole book, sign their name on the inside cover, come to the library to sign a banner, and then forward the book on to someone in their class. Not their thing? No worries and pass it on to someone else. Want to share the books with other grade levels? Go for it! I tried to get all grade levels, with the exception of Kinder, a book from the 2x2 or Bluebonnet list!

The cycle will repeat itself until Read it Forward ends on November 18.

I'll let you use your discretion as to if the books should go home with students to read in the evenings. We have about 2 copies of each book per classroom.

What's the purpose in Read it Forward? Getting our students to become a reading community, generate enthusiasm and sharing their reading experience with others!

Please let me know if you have questions!

PS - When Read it Forward concludes on November 18, please keep the books as an addition to your classroom library!

Bluebonnet and 2x2 books

There were a few tweaks to the above programs for this year that we'd reviewed in the Library rotation during PD week.

Please note that the Bluebonnet and 2x2 books that will be read in the library are already shaded in on the tracking sheet. Hopefully this will provide clarification to students, teachers and parents!

I gave everyone extra sheets, but if you need more, please let me know.

If you have questions, please let me know and I'll be happy to help!

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Does the Purefoy Library have this book?

Wondering if we have a specific title and how many copies we might have? Click below to watch the super short video on how to search for a title and send me a book request.

After watching the quick video, please bookmark this link to the Purefoy Library Catalog:

Staff Library Catalog Search.webm

Couple of more things...

If you're still sipping and reading here are some library tidbits for you!

Did you that I get to go to GMP every week? It's true!! Just wanted everyone to know should your readers try to come visit on a Friday.

Forgot to sign up for Bluebonnet Read Aloud? No worries! Click below to sign up!

THANK YOU for taking the time to read about our Purefoy Library happenings!