Buzios in Brazil

It is a Peninsula in The North The Brazil

This Peninsula

In the north the brazil is surrounded for the beautiful beaches your names are :Tartaruga, Joao fernandes, Azeda .These beaches are the warm temperatures but in the south of the peninsula the sea is more cold, the of beaches names are Geribá , Tucuns , Ferradura y Forno.

In buzios the people can drink beer and cocktails in the beach the vegetation is very leafy green and beautiful and your life animal is extravagant.

In Brazil the type of currency used is the real brasileño the equivalent is 1 USD = 2,26 BRL.

The buzios was famous for the actress Brigitte Bardot in the years sixties

You can stay in the posadas and hotels very nice and exclusives but only includes the continental breakfast your should to go the dinner and lunch the centre the buzios have many restaurants the different specialties for example the typical italian food , fast food mcdonalds, pizzerias and typical brazilian food etc also exist one the restaurant the chilean food the prices is very similar the Chile.The caipiriña is a drink very popular in this country is cold and refreshing delicious your content is cachaza, lime, sugar and crushed ice.
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