Career Development Project ~

By: Jacob Nguyen

( 1 Year old picture)


What I like about my family is that.....

-We are all open about our feelings

-We talk about things that bother us

- We all trust each other a lot

-We all look out for each other

"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there." - Barbara Bush

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My interests are.......


-playing the violin

-playing chess

-video games

-talking to friends

-observing problems and fixing them

Some career that could match some of my interests are being a violinist, or being some type of engineer. (Chemistry, or majoring in physics.)

Personality Traits

My personality is usually controlled by my emotions and sometimes by facts. Some traits that I have in my personality is humbleness, (I dislike bragging/ people who brag) observant, some-what intelligent, analytical, and fair.

On the John Holland personality test, I scored an ISE and a ISC, and on the Myers Briggs test, I scored a ENFJ-T.

Some careers that I could go into with these scores and traits are Market Research Analysts and Marketing specialist, Chemist, and Computer Programmers.

"Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality"- Shawn Ashmore

(Albus Dumbledore is based on ENFJ)

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The things that I have worked hard to be good at is...

-Playing violin

-Dedication to succeed and to excel in something that I am interested or being persistent at something.

-Science and Math

Some careers that use these skills are being a violinist, or being some type of Engineer.


My top three work values are....

-Finish what you started

-Don't start something that you know you can't finish

-No sloppy work

My top three life values are.....




"Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it.”
― William Shakespeare. From Romeo and Juliet.

Multiple Intelligence

My multiple Intelligence result was Logical. Some careers for this are....



-Computer Analyst


-Computer Programmer



-Orchestra director


Career Clusters

The three career cluster that aligns with me is Science,Technology,Engineering, Mathematics.

Some careers for this would be aerospace engineer, biochemical engineer, chemistry, and curator.

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Some in school activities I do is science bowl, and after science bowl, I'm going to join the chess club.

After school, I have violin lessons and science bowl practice after school.

Ways to Improve

Three ways I can improve my goals are to be more motivated in improving my skills in all subjects, put more effort in the things that I do, and to be more friendly towards other people.

"Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer." - Rick Pitino

It's all good

What makes me happy is being with my whole family during holidays, or just to visit. What makes me proud is when I am able to make other people acknowledge the good things I have done, and what makes me satisfied is when I'm able to come through for someone.

(Example: If a friend asks me a favor and I complete that favor, it makes me satisfied.)

My future

In my future, I hope to attend a really prestigious college, have a good stable job with good income, a nice family, play in a professional orchestra at least once, and to live out of state.