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Friday, October 20, 2017

LCES United: Together We Are More!

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings - a focus on attendance

Attendance is a critical factor in student success in school. Completing work at home or while on vacation is not the same as experiencing the rich classroom experience, where children have the opportunity to play and develop social skills, engage in dialogue with peers to solidify comprehension, and develop critical math and reading skills that are essential to success in upper grades.

Chronic absenteeism (missing 2 or more days a month, which equals out to 10% of a school year or 18 days a year) translates into weaker math and reading skills, which impact children for years to come. A student with a 90 percent attendance average for Kindergarten through 12th grade will miss over a year of accumulated time in the classroom! Chronic lateness matters too - if a student is 10 minutes late to school each day, this adds up to missing more than 30 hours of class time each year (source). Please help your child get to school on time and each day. Please reach out to your child's teacher if there is an issue at school that is impacting your child's attendance - let us be a part of the solution.

Extra Early Release Week / Conference Week

During the week of 10/30-11/3, we will be on an "extra early release" week to accommodate parent teacher conferences. All K students will attend from 8-11:20 am, and all grade 1-5 students will attend from 8:15-12:30 pm. There will be a lunch/recess period provided for all grade 1-5 students, and for K students attending STAR.

Please make plans to pick up your grade 1-5 children between 12:30-12:50 pm; we provide 20 minutes of after school supervision to help ease traffic congestion. Thank you!

After School Pick Up

A few reminders about after school pick up:

  • students are to walk/ride directly home, and are encouraged to travel with a buddy and use marked crosswalks
  • students waiting for a ride should be waiting behind the blue dots
  • CA law states that all children on scooters, bikes, skates, etc... must wear a well fitting, buckled helmet
  • students should walk to their vehicles to avoid tripping into traffic
  • families should have children enter vehicles while they are parked in a parking spot or are inside of our main loop ONLY
  • students should NOT be entering cars in front of the bus lane or along the street (unless legally parked).
  • encouraging your child to hop in along the street (unless parked) creates congestion, angry drivers, and generates an unsafe environment for our students
  • if you are chatting with a friend (love it!), please take care to keep an eye on your kiddos - ensure they are with you or behind the blue dots, and that they are not running around or playing in trees...when children who are waiting for their ride see this they think it's okay for them to do, too!

We have 4 supervisors on staff from 2:40-3/1:40-2 each afternoon - they work hard to keep our kids safe, but you can help us by reinforcing these messages.

Thank you for helping us to keep all of our Colts and their families safe.

Red Ribbon Week

During this week, we take time to remember to make good choices with our bodies by saying no to drugs. One way we keep this at the front of our mind is to dress up. While students should follow the LCES clothing guidelines, we encourage students to participate, and we hope that you'll take a moment to remind your child to honor their future by saying no to drugs! Learn more about Red Ribbon Week here.

  • Monday - Sock it to Drugs - wear crazy socks
  • Tuesday - Give Drugs the Boot - country western day
  • Wednesday - Too Bright for Drugs - neon & sunglasses
  • Thursday - Peace Out to Drugs - tie dye and peace signs
  • Friday - Get Red of Drugs - wear red

Upcoming Events

Our calendar is always up to date with the latest information about events at LCES.

  • Saturday, 10/21, 4-6:30 pm: PTC Carnoween - tickets available at the entrance!
  • Week of 10/23: Red Ribbon Week (see above for details)
  • Thursday, 10/26, 2:50-3:50 pm: LCE Choir Practice
  • Week of 10/30-11/3: Extra Early Release Week for parent/teacher conferences
  • Monday, 10/30: APEX is back! Student assembly in the morning!
  • Tuesday, 10/31: Halloween (see below for info about costumes at school)
  • Thursday, 11/2, 12:40-1:40 pm: LCE Choir Practice
  • Thursday, 11/9: 2nd picture make up day - contact Campus Color Solutions to RSVP
  • Thursday, 11/9, 2:50-3:50 pm: LCE Choir Practice
  • Friday, 11/10: No School in honor of Veteran's Day

Please Plan Ahead for the week of 10/30-11/3!!!! Extra Early Release all week!!!

all K attends 8-11:20 am; 1st-5th dismissed at 12:30 pm

Halloween Day!

Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year. If you would like, you are welcome to send your child to school in his/her Halloween costume, or in otherwise spirited clothing.

Please be mindful of our school dress code (click her to access our handbook), and remember that students may not wear masks, bring real or toy weapons/props, or have on inappropriate clothing/messages. Please remember that we have little kiddos on campus, so be thoughtful about costumes that may be scary for them - we want smiles, not tears! In addition, please be sure your child can use the restroom independently in his/her costume! We are excited to celebrate the season!

Every Monday is an Early Release Day!

AM Kinder: 8 - 11:20 am PM Kinder: 10:20 am -1:40 pm Grades 1-5: 8:15 am - 1:40 pm (supervision provided for student pick up until 2 pm)

Food Service - menus, pricing and more!

Click for more information about school meal pricing and breakfast and lunch menus. You can also access My School Bucks to add to your child's lunch balance and submit an online application for free/reduced meals.

It's a Great Day to be a Colt!