October 23rd Jefferson Journal

We are Jaguars!

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Book Bowl Sign ups!!! Read flyer below and get signed up!

Click Here to sign up!!

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Next Weeks Daily Smore

Attention Parents!

We will be sending out daily Smore newsletters next week to communicate important information regarding in person and virtual procedures that will begin on November 2nd. Please read through these newsletters and let us know if you have any questions.

Information regarding Continuation of Nutritional Services

Wausau School District Nutrition Services will continue to offer FREE MEALS to all students through June 30, 2021. Please read the below letter explaining how to continue to receive Free meals.
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Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest! Please click below to sign up!

To register for this event please click here. Remember to drop off your pumpkin at conferences with your name on the pumpkin. Pick up after Judging is Oct 30th!

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G2M For Grades 2nd -5th

G2M Kids on the Grow Session 1

After School Programs

“Kids on the Grow” provides quality academic and enrichment Classes to all students in Grades 2 through 5.

Classes this year due to COVID-19, will be held VIRTUALLY

first session will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:45 - 4:45.

Because G2M is starting the school year virtually, there are some changes.

*We have strived to offer your child classes that will be a break from their academic day, and engage them in super fun stress- free activities.

*We will continue to offer Math Achievers for students who have been recommended by their teacher for extra help, or who just enjoy math.

*Students who sign up for Math Achievers will attend only one day per week with their grade level.

*We are also offering Open Art, and Hands-On Science. Students who sign up for these classes will be expected to attend all three days.

*You will need to complete the attached google form to sign up your child.

*Class sizes are limited and on a first come- first served basis.

*Classes will be live Google meets with an instructor, and will take place through Itslearning.

*Some classes require supplies, and there will be pick up times for students who sign up.

*All live online classes for session 1 will start on Tuesday October 20th -November 19th and will be from 3:45-4:45 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Click Link to Register

*NOTE: No class on October 28th, and 29th.

Questions? Contact Lisa Carroll 715 261-0180 lcarroll@wausauschools.org


Vim yog G2M yuav pib virtual xyoo nuav, peb tau hloov ob peb yaam. Peb paub has tas cov mivnyuas saab heev peb txhaj npaaj tau tej yaam dlaab tsi lom zem rua cov mivnyuas- cov nuav yog dlawb xwb.

Peb yuav rov qaab ua Math Achievers (ua leb) rua cov mivnyuas vim yog cov nai khu xaav kuas cov mivnyuas kawm leb ntxiv los yog rua cov mivnyuas kws nyam leb.

*Cov mivnyuas kws ncu npe kawm leb yuav kawm nrug puab qaib xwb, ib zag ib asthiv.

*Peb yuav muaj Art, Science (kawm txug aav, tshuaj tej ntawd).

Cov mivnyuas kws ncu npe yuav tsum tuaj peb nub taag nrho.

*Yog has tas yuav ncu npe yuav tsum sau taag dlaim google form rua koj tug mivnyuas.

*Leej twg ncu npe ua ntej kawm taug ntawv.

*Yuav kawm rua huv lub Ipad moog rua Its Learning, yuav muaj ib tug nai khu qha LIVE

*Muaj tej qaib yuav tsum tau siv khoom, thaum twg ncu npe le mas muab.

*Qho 1 yuav pib LIVE thaum 3:45-4:45 nub Tuesday Kaum Hli 20 - Kaum Ib Hli 19. Peb yuav muaj txhua lub asthiv Tuesday, Wednesday hab Thursday.

*NCU CA: Tsi muaj kawm ntawv lub Kaum Hli 28 & 29.

Yog muaj dlaab tsi nug hu xuvtooj tuaj Lisa Carroll 715261-0180 email yog

Yuav tsum Nas tub Link txhaj le Ncu tau Npe

lcarroll@wausauschools.org los yog hu Mrs. Thao los tau.

PTO Information

Please check out and Like our new Facebook page for our PTO. This will help you stay up to date on what is going on in our PTO!! Thanks!


October Breakfast and Lunch Menu

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