Gatsby Synthesis Project

Noah Phillips 6th Period


Chasing a dream is a very prevalent theme in The Great Gatsby, as well as what it costs for that dream to become a reality. The most common sacrifice of the characters is family. Tom sacrifices his family to pursue an affair, Gatsby neglects his family in the hope to gain Daisy's affection, and Daisy leaves her for greater money and social status. Daisy's case may be the most despicable of all however when the reader is told about how she " asked the nurse right away if it was a boy or a girl. She told me it was a girl, and so I turned my head away and wept. 'All right','" (Fitzgerald 17). Not even her daughter is enough to fit her social standards because, at the time, women were inferior to men socially. Daisy's abandonment of her family is very similar to what Josh Levs states in his article "For Parents Sacrifice is living the Dream", saying "Some people become so obsessed with making one idea happen that they stop focusing on what's most important in their lives. They stop spending time with their families and friends. As with any addiction, they pay the price"(Levs 24). This is precisely what has happened to Daisy, as well as Tom and Gatsby. Tom's affair is very relatable to the lives of the bankers described by the documentary Inside Job. The rich bankers would often pay prostitutes, completely disregarding their wives just to feel like they had more power, just as Tom did to Daisy. In the article "Caring for Aging Parents even from a Distance" Paul Sullivan describes going out of state when his mother falls and gets injured completely disregarding the meeting he was supposed to have, which may have been a dream come true for him. This is the exact opposite to what Gatsby did, as he moves and loses touch with his family in order to pursue his dream of being with Daisy living in luxury. If any family issues had arrived for Gatsby, he would most likely continue his obsession with Daisy instead of tending to his family. In her article "Together Again" Rosenblum writes about multigenerational families stating "The challenges of multigenerational families are considerable... but the financial, practical and emotional benefits can be great" (Rosenblum 1). This is the complete opposite to all three of these characters as they broke their family ties in one way or another because they felt that family could be a great complication to their dreams.