Junior's auto shop

Broken down and frustrated, well bring it down to Junior's auto. To begin, don't be scared to bring it to my shop because I can fix any motor. For example I can fix trucks, cars, and anything else. In addition to that, if you get stranded somewhere I can tow your vehicle for you. If I tow you to my shop it will be $10 but if I tow you to your house or to another shop then it will be $20. Also, if you bring it to us we will give it back in better condition. We will clean it by vacuuming the inside and washing the outside. Another thing, If you are bored driving around we can make driving fun by adding modification's. Some modification's are like funny tires, colored lights, and rims. Even though your going to travle bring it in well make sure it don't rattle.

some of the modification's

Open days

Monday-Friday 7:30a.m-9:30p.m

Disclaimer: This is not a real business, we did this for a school project.