Surviving in The Wildernes

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Information about The Canadian Wilderness!

The Canadian Wilderness is a beautiful but at the same time dangerous place. In the Canadian Wilderness it is very important for you to know how to Survive if you are stuck in the Wilderness for up to 3-17 days. Now i will give you some tips to at least help you survive for a few days.

Predators in The Wilderness!!

Lions,Tigers,Bears OH MY!!! There are many things to worry about if stranded in the Wilderness. One of the most thing you need to watch out for is Predators. There are different types of animals to watch out for, well I don't think you would find tigers or lions. The animals you would find are bobcats, reindeer, grizzly bears,coyote, grey wolf,red fox,moose, and also a few porcupine.


Locate a source of food. If you didn't carry in food and there is no food available from a survival kit, you will need to rely on the wilderness for food. You can eat numerous plants, but you'll need some knowledge of what's safe. Many can be deadly. Setting snare traps with wire or cord is an excellent means of surviving.


Water is a must to the human body. About 55%-65% of the human body is made of water. Knowing our body can go up to 18-20 days without water. Before going camping with or without a friend you need to bring a lot of water, or hydrate,hydrate,hydrate before.
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