The Plate Tectonic Tour

A tour of the tectonic plates. By: Eva

What is the Tectonic Tour?

The Tectonic Tour is a package that allows you to travel to one of three tectonic boundaries on the Earth. The included tectonic boundaries are: Iceland (a divergent boundary of the Eurasian and North American plate, the Himalayan mountains of India (a convergent boundary between the Eurasian and Indian plate), and the Californian coast (a transform boundary between the North American and Pacific plate).

Time/Distance From the DFW Airport

Average speed of a passenger plane = 560 mlp

To India = 8726 miles --> about 15.6 hours

To Iceland = 3835 miles --> about about 6.8 hours

To Southern California = 1118 miles --> about 2 hours

Topographic Map and How To Read It

The picture included is a topographic map of a portion of the Himalayan mountains.

A topographic map is used to show the height of the land while keeping a birds eye view. When looking at a the map you will notice small lines, these lines are used to show a change in height. First you must establish the change between the lines. Once that is done locate your starting point, from there you will be able to calculate the height of the land.

Warning: Earthquakes

In each of the sights listed there have been Earthquakes due to them being located on a plate boundary

The Himalayas: This area has had to deal with hundreds to thousands of Earthquakes, the earliest (recorded) of which occurred in 1205. Proof of this can be seen in ruined villages around and in the Himalayas.

Iceland: In Iceland it is very common to have minor earthquakes. The major earthquake, however, are a lot less common. The oldest recorded Earthquake in Iceland was in 1013, and they continue to this day. Proof of this comes in the shape of cracks in the earth, the fault line, and destroyed structures.

Southern California: Just to get a picture in you head, Southern California has an expected earthquake rate of 10000 per year, most of which are so small they can't be felt. The earliest reported of these quakes occurred in 1769, and they continue to this day. These earthquakes has caused the destruction of man made structures and cracks lining the ground.