Medieval Europe

By: Bree Zubrod

Catholic Church

  • Throughout Medieval Western Europe, daily life revolved around the Catholic Church.
  • Priests ran schools and hospitals, they also did weddings, recorded births, and conducted burials.
  • On Sundays and Holy days, people went to mass or the Catholic worship service.
  • During mass, Medieval Christians took part in Church rituals called sacraments.
  • Many Christians also prayed to saints.
  • Medieval Christians believed that God blessed pilgrims, or religious travelers who journeyed to Holy places.
  • The Holiest place was Jerusalem in the Middle East.


  • When the Roman Empire collapsed, almost all trade in Western Europe came to an end.
  • Bridges and roads fell into disrepair, and Law and Order vanished, money was used no longer to trade.
  • Nobles repaired everything, and trade resumed.
  • As trade increased, towns grew longer, and several cities became wealthy from trade.
  • Venice and other Italian cities began trading with the Byzantine Empire and soon became the center of trade in the Mediterranean.