culture of Comoros

The People

The Language of the people is French and Arabic thoughs are the to main ones. The population is 652,000 is growing in the rate 2.9%. Religon for them is nearly all comorians are sunni Muslims. They pray five times a day. Personal appearance men wear shirts and slacks. Women wear dress that are nicely colored.

Life style

Family Live with or near to there whole family. They farm or fish for food. Women do chores in the house. Dating and marriage if people see you toghther it mean you are in a romantically involved. They go to dance clubs. Familys save for years for the marriage. Diet the most inported rice topped with meat or fish. Some fuit they eat is oranges, bananas, and mangoes. Recreation the most popular sport is soccer. Young men like to play basketball and volleyball.

Custom and courtesies

Greetings men hand shake and women say thier greetings. Hello is informal to them. Differnet ways to say things because of social class. Gestures after a joke you slap hands. cup your hands to respectfull to your olders. Visiting when visting a nother town you have to tell the host invance. Host has to ofer food and drink. Eating good is hot tea. In the morning you eat left overs sometimes cold. They eat from many plants.