Karl Marx

Aaron Haden


In 1818, Karl Marx was born in the town of Trier, which is in the German Rhineland. His family converted to Christianity from Judaism so his father could become a lawyer and go against the anit-Jewish laws of Prussia. Marx left philosophy to pursue economics and politics. He bases his views on capitalism on the labour theory of value.

10 Facts

  1. Inspired many communist regimes
  2. Bourgeoisie - upper middle class
  3. Proletariat - work for bourgeoisie
  4. Most read work was The Communist Manifesto
  5. He and Friedrich Engels co-wrote The German Ideology
  6. In his study of economics he created the Contribution to a Critique of Political Economy
  7. His early work was influenced by a group called the Young Hegelians
  8. On the Jewish Question was written to distance himself from the Hegelians
  9. The Hegelians are a radical group of liberal who produced philosophies
  10. His communist views can be found in Economical and Philosophical Manuscripts