Suburban Sprawl

Try to save ecosystems

2 Main Issues that Suburban Sprawl causes

1. Too much carbon dioxide is in the air causing acid rain, global warming, ect...

2. Pollution causes wild live to live in horrible conditions

The Negative Effects on the Environment

1. Bad living conditions

2. Not enough trees

3. Destruction of ecosystems

4. Too much carbon dioxide and pollution

What Wildlife is Most Affected In New York?

Producers, Secondary consumers, Primary consumers, and Tertiary Consumers are all affected by suburban sprawl

How are Wildlife affected by Suburban Sprawl?

1. Pollution

2. Destruction of habitats

3. Construction

4. Factories create Acid Rain that effects the habitats of multiple ecosystems.

Does Suburban Sprawl affect our lives in League City?

Yes because we are building neighborhoods and destroying habitats.

Are People affected by this?

Yes because we are causing global warming and causing more carbon dioxide to get into the air but not enough oxygen.

Who or What causes Suburban Sprawl to occur?



What is a solution that people have come up with for Suburban Sprawl?

Save vegetation for wildlife to grow and for animals to be able to migrate freely without running into human activity

What would be a new solution for Suburban Sprawl? Can this event happen now?

I would make a law to not allow as much construction but to save vegetation and space for wildlife can migrate freely and to make more ecosystems. No but it can once I'm an adult.

What are some areas in North America that are affected by Suburban Sprawl

New York

Los Angles



Suburban Sprawl - Sprawling From Grace; Driven To Madness