January 10, 2014

Mrs. Lamparter's Class

Specials for the Week of January 13th- 17th

P.E. will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week. Please wear tennis shoes. Media Center will be on Thursday. Please make sure you return your book so you can check out another.

We are so excited to be back together again! I hope you all had an enjoyable winter break and enjoyed your bonus day off. I have been busy assessing this week and we will resume reading groups next week. We have been talking about starting this New Year and making goals (resolutions). Report cards come home today. Please sign and return the envelope only. Next week, we will send home a homework packet weekly for students to complete and return on Friday. I look forward to discussing your child's progress at our parent/teacher conferences in February. It is so important that students read every night. I was very excited about the many students that turned in Mega Minutes forms for the second nine weeks! Keep up the great work!! I am sending home information for the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program. Students log 6 hours of reading and can earn a free ticket to Six Flags. Just record the time you are already reading for Mega Minutes and Pizza Hut.

We are working on:
  • Knowing letter sounds and blending sounds together to make words
  • Focusing on reading words with a short vowel in the middle
  • Working on producing rhyming words
  • Counting, blending, and segmenting syllables
  • Features of Non-fiction text
  • Learning to write a "How To" story and phonetically spelling words to write a story
  • Working independently in Daily Five centers to become better readers, writers, and spellers

We are working on:

  • Composing and decomposing numbers 11-19
  • Recognizing and knowing the value of coins; penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and the dollar bill
  • Counting by fives, tens and ones to 100
  • Counting forward beginning from a given number in sequence
  • Writing numbers and counting sets to 20
  • 1-1 correspondence
  • Comparing sets- more, less, same
  • Using our Math tools- the rekenrek and number line
  • Working on problem solving skills
  • Using "number talks" to explain our math thinking

We are working on:

  • Learning about the effect of gravity on objects
  • Learning about goods and services
  • Learning about Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Please sign and return report card envelope.
  • Buck's Pizza Night is rescheduled for January 14th.
  • Mega Minute celebrations for the 2nd nine weeks will be on Friday, January 17th from 10:10- 10:40 a.m.
  • M.L.K. Jr. Holiday is Monday, January 20th .
  • 100th Day of school is Tuesday, January 21st.
  • Personal safety lessons are being taught through use of the "Think First & Stay Safe" program beginning at the end of January and will be completed by the end of February. Once again, this program enables students to take an active and necessary role in protecting themselves from abuse and exploitation. If you have any questions, please direct them to our counselor, Katie Fields.