Cougar Chronicles

V4, i6 Week of September 16-23, 2016

Monday Morning Message is BELOW- Trying something new, a VOKI for today's message

~Congratulations to our SIT CHAIR, Ms. Liz Pearson!! Liz will be your go-to person if you have issues you'd like to have SIT discuss.

~Remember to be putting in at least one subject area into PLANBOOK at this time. We'll have another share session in the next few weeks to help us all learn even more. Look to see if you have comments on your plans as the week goes on. You can also comment back to us. We'll be FULL into the system (and still learning along the way) by Oct.15.

~SIT members: Please let me know when you've sent out your surveys / TITLE I Needs Assessments. I need to make sure that we have access to view/edit the response Google Sheet to use the data in our plans. Whomever shares the survey, PLEASE get with me so we can set collecting responses correctly!

~SIT/Leadership Members: Please remember to share all of our information from our last meeting with your team. Access to the notes we took and our agenda is HERE. We have had a WONDERFUL first few weeks and have to BRAG on everyone!!!

~Clarification for Curriculum Nights: Monday is for grades 3-5. All staff is asked to be here to help serve, direct people to rooms, and be involved in visiting and seeing what other grade levels are doing this year. Slide Show will be shared via Google Slides that ALL have to show in order to fulfill Title I requirements and share some interesting facts about our school this year.

Thursday is the BIG community night. We'll have people from EVERYWHERE in our school. All staff is asked to be in attendance on this night. We'll need some in the gym, some in the lobby, some serving, some there to clean up the cafeteria when we're done, and others (K-2) to be in the classrooms welcoming parents.

Any questions, PLEASE see Mrs. Daye or Mrs. Austin.


Click HERE to see the DUTY roster for this week.


Click HERE to see Assistant Principal Message of Reminders and Things to Consider. PLEASE take time to read!!! IMPORTANT links for our WALKTHROUGH information and information about OBSERVATIONS in included.


  • Have you mastered any area of Planbook? Have you shared with someone else? Have you asked your friends how they are using the online planning tool?
  • Have you checked the Google Calendar for events coming up? CLiCK on the "calendar" to see your calendar. If you don't see Mountain Crest calendar, please let Mrs. Lolli, Mrs. Daye or Mrs. Austin know ASAP.


What would you have our school do with $35,000???? Well, we have a chance to be part of a grant to work with our community to think of a way to spend that money for the health and wellbeing of our community and school. So, be thinking of how you think we could use that money at our school/community to highlight getting healthier.


Educational Reform & Current Ideas

We're Going to be Looking Deeper Into This and Other Texts This Year

~Here's your chance to jump ahead and preview some ideas we'll weigh out for us this year!

Tech Tips & Ideas

Link below is for PADLET and features compatible with GOOGLE CLASSROOM. You may be interested. We often use Padlet and are excited to see what this DUO can create for our students. Let us know what you find out if you choose to use it!