Maths and Nature

By Anna

Butterfly - Bilateral Symmetry

The wings of all butterflies are symmetrical. Symmetry means that two things are exactly the same.

I think that one of the main purposes of butterflies wings being symmetrical is because they can use them to be camouflaged in their surroundings.

Honeycomb - Tessellation's

The honeycomb inside a bee hive is tessellated because all of the hexagons fit together with no gaps.

I think that the honeycomb is in the shape of a hexagon because it is the best shape to use because it is rigid and they are tessellated.

Pinecone - Fibonacci Sequence

A pinecone demonstrates the fibonacci sequence because of the pattern on its shell. A Fibonacci Sequence is when you plus the two previous numbers together.

I think that a pinecone shows the Fibonacci Sequence because all of the pieces sit together in a spiral pattern following the Fibonacci spiral.

Rain drop - 3D Objects

The rain drop on a leaf or web can be in the shape of a small sphere. A sphere is a 3D object that has no corners and it only has one face.

I think that rain drops are in the shape of a sphere because when they land on a leaf or web they stay in the same shape as it was when it fell from the sky.