Internet Safety For Parents

What you need to know to keep your child safe

Sponsored by your PTA- Please Join us!

Andrew Boyle, Educational Technology Specialist at the KSU iTeach Center will speak about keeping your home and your children safe on the web.

Need help setting the ground rules? Join us for a session just for parents on how to have a “smart talk” with your kids. We’ve invited Andy Boyle to give us tips on setting boundaries, encouraging safe behaviors, and navigating internet sites, social media, and apps.

You have enabled restrictions on your child's phone and iPad. You monitor their history and social media accounts. Great. But what about when their friends are in your house? How can you make sure that everyone in your home is safe and able to be monitored?

Parents will learn best practices for monitoring their children’s activity online, how to use the safety features built into today’s web services, and how to protect their networks and families at home. Mr. Boyle will also discuss how to set appropriate boundaries and how to have "smart talk" with your kids.

The seminar is open any adult HBMS community members, parents, or friends. Due to the nature of the content, no children, please.

Internet Safety

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 6:30-8pm

Haynes Bridge Middle School 10665 Haynes Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA, United States