Don't Call Me Girl!

End discrimination based on gender.

By: Savannah Ball

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Women Protest

Women protest that they aren't just beautiful beings to look at and spend all day working at home, but people who deserve equal chances to work the same jobs as men.
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Women Protest

Women want to be seen as actual people and not just a "woman". People usually stereotyped back then and would say "She can't do it because she's a woman," but women just want to be seen as equal to men. They can do the same jobs, so there's no need to worry about their gender. Women and men just have to work hard to achieve their goals and both can succeed equally.
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Equal Pay

Women protested that women get the opportunity to do the same jobs as males because they are easily capable, and that they should get paid equal as men if they do similar jobs instead of being discriminated upon.


  • 1960- The Food and Drug Administration approved birth control pills, so women did not have to worry as much about the outcome of their decisions with a man.
  • 1963- The Equal Pay Act was amended and made equal pay discrimination between men and women for similar work not allowed.
  • 1963- Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique, a book that showed the unhappy duties women had in the house.
  • 1964- The Civil Rights Act banned discrimination in the working area based on gender.
  • 1967- The National Organization for Women was formed, giving women more equality.
  • 1973- Roe v. Wade made abortion legal.
  • Gloria Steinem became a leader for the feminist movement after an article she wrote in Ms. magazine, which she founded. She also co-founded the Women's Media Center, which helped women become more recognizable in the media.


I chose to write about women's liberation because I think it is important that women are seen as equal to males. People need to know why it is important for women to be seen as equivalent to men. If I lived in these days, I would be protesting too, because women can do the same as men and discriminating them because of their gender and of the opinion that females are usually seen as weak is not a civilized way to live by in this world when there are much bigger problems to face. Women are equal to men and can do the same things a man does.