Vol. 17 ~ December 19th

Thompson's Talk

Quote of the Week

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~Charles Dickens

This has been a whirlwind of a week. Thanks to everyone for their hard work to keep our students engaged while having fun. Students had fun learning about candy canes, opera, taking CBA's (probably the most fun!) and Christmas parties. Thanks for teaching our kiddos with such a glad heart. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break!

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Ring the Bell!

Third grade students presented at the board meeting Monday night. Students shared all they had learned through their Market Day Unit including formal vocabulary mixed with their unique sense of humor. Our Irvin students are definitely not afraid of the spotlight or the microphone! Congratulations third grade teachers on creating a fabulous engaging experience!

Bryan Schneider thank you so much for coming first thing Thursday morning offering to relocate your classroom for the day and helping the bounce house people get set up. Your kindness is much appreciated.

Thank you Sunshine Committee for all your hard work to get the party set up. It was a special family time. Also thank you staff four our generous gifts. We are so blessed to be your administrators!

What is the longest candy cane on record? Why 51 feet of course! Second grade did an engaging unit and students recreated the candy cane with paper. Way to go!

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Important Dates

January 5th
  • Intentional Intervention Professional Development at MHHS 8:30am-3:30pm
  • Lunch will be on your own.

January 6th

  • ISIP (Istation) window opens
  • Writing prompt window opens

January 7th

  • Grade Level Meetings on Conference
  • Newsletter Article Due to Shannon or Stacee
  • 80s Day

January 8th

  • Lead Teacher 3:15pm

January 9th

Assessment Calendar

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Santa's Google Search Tips Rap