Life As We Knew It

By:Hailey Rathnow


Life As We Knew It is a science fiction novel about a girl named Miranda and her life after an asteroid hits the moon. Miranda is forced to become closer with her family in order to survive. She becomes closer with people she never expected like Dan and loses some good friends like Megan, Sammi, and Mrs. Nesbit. Throughout the book Miranda's family is in constant struggle for survival. They have to keep track of food and supplies, and use fewer and fewer of them. Weather has also taken a toll on their life with blizzards and volcanoes, making it hard to receive the resources they need. Towards the end of the book Miranda decides to take a hard trip into town to check on any letter sent to the post office. She finds a flier and proceeds to City Hall. There she find bags of food to bring home for her family. Her struggles for survival are coming to an end and things are looking up for Miranda's family.


This story takes place in Miranda's town Howell,Pennsylvania. In Howell extreme weather is affecting the family. There are volcanoes erupting around them which causes the volcanic ash to block sunlight earlier than they expected. Blizzards also make it hard for the family get into town without a snow plow. These weather conditions control the amount of time the family is outside.



The main events of the story:

  • Asteroid hits moon
  • Miranda's Mom takes her, Jonny, and Mrs. Nesbit to the store to stock up on supplies
  • Matt comes home from college
  • Electricity goes out
  • Jonny goes to baseball camp
  • Miranda meets Dan
  • Sammi leaves with a 40 year old in search of a better life
  • Miranda leaves school to be homeschooled
  • Dad and Lisa visit Miranda then leave for Lisa's parents
  • Jonny comes home from camp
  • Megan dies of starvation
  • Volcanoes start to erupt making crops die from lack of sunlight
  • Mrs. Nesbit dies
  • Blizzard makes it hard to leave the house
  • Matt, Miranda, and Jonny start skiing
  • Matt, Jonny,and Mom get the flu
  • Peter dies
  • Miranda gets to City Hall and brings back food


The theme of this novel is to not take for granted what you have. Miranda learns this throughout the story when almost everything she has is taken away from her. Her family is the only thing she has left.