Natasha Somalia the Stylist

Welcome to the Evolution of Covered Beauty!

Who am I?

I am an extraordinary woman with a passion and detail for hair, that started very young. I attended cosmetology classes as a pre-teen, into my teenager years and now it is Who I am! Natasha Somalia Stylist to the Muslimaat!
I am the CEO & Founder of Covered Salon with 24 years of experience as a Hair Stylist.
I opened my first salon 17 years ago and I still have the same passion for hair now as I did then. I am dedicated!

What I Do!

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Contact Me:
Natasha Somalia
Phone no# : 215-264-1100
Email address :
Facebook: NatashaSomaliatheStylist, NatashaSomalia
Instagram: @CoveredtheSalon
Twitter: @natashaSOMALIA