Modern Family


8 Facts

1.The average modern family in the Unites States has 2 children.

2.Two thirds of people in the US have a step-relative.

3.People in the US tend to marry later in life than in the past.

4.In modern families, women often have careers or are the breadwinners for families.

5.There are more stay-at-home dads in the United States than in the past.

6.The single parent family is the fastest growing family system in the US.

7.In most modern families in the US, both parents work.

8.Marriage between people of different races is much more common in the US now than in the past.

The changing American family


This video states that intermarriage is much more common in the United States. Roles in marriage have changed, often women are the breadwinners and men are the stay-at-home parent. Also, in the United States, same-sex marriage has become much more common.