Go Deep to the Sewer

By Bill Cosby

Overview of "Go Deep to the Sewer"

"Go Deep to the Sewer" was Bill Cosby telling the story of his childhood growing up in the streets of old Philly. Playing sports in the streets and avoiding cars while doing it with his childhood friends. Growing up in a poor neighborhood they used whatever they could to have fun. Using cars for bases and sticks for bats.

Biography of Bill Cosby

Born on July 12th, 1937 in Philadelphia Bill Cosby grew up in a small house where money was tight. Growing up his mother stressed education over anything. Bill was never focused in school and was more concerned with telling jokes and stories. After dropping out of high school Bill joined the Navy and picked up track and field. When Bill left the Navy he went to Temple on a track scholarship. He started working as a bartender at a local coffee shop and would tell his jokes and stories to the customers and eventually filled in for the house comedian. After some time he started warming up for his cousin's radio show and landed himself a role in the TV series "I Spy" making him the first black actor in a hit drama.