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November 16, 2015


It is definitely hard to grasp that we are one week away from Thanksgiving Break, but it is true! Along with Thanksgiving being one week away, we only have three instructional weeks until Exams. Time sure does fly by.

I hope you have found this school year as a success so far. I am always amazed at the great work our students produce and this has everything to do with your commitment and direction in the classroom. I am thankful to work with a group of educators who strive to help each of our students become better in academically and socially.

Thank you all for making Rice a great place to learn and to work.


Congratulations to Rocio for receiving a grant from the PISD Education Foundation. She received $1,500 to be shared with the foreign language department. The money will be used to provided their students with books written in the language they are learning.

Congratulations to Cindy for receiving a grant of $400 to use with her students. They are going to seek donations to send to the troops in Afghanistan.

Another congratulations to Gregg and Melissa, for having two Broadcom Masters winners. It is a HUGE deal for a district to have one winner, but two have two winners from the same school is unheard of! They both won $1,000 that will be used to enhance the learning opportunities in the science classrooms. I have reading material and plaques that will be displayed in the front office.

Please let me know what other accolades I have missed!

Staff Meeting Thursday

We will have a staff meeting this Thursday after school. I would like to showcase staff instructional strategies in each meeting. If you have strategies you would like to share, or know of a staff member who is doing something exceptional, please let me know.

New Staff to Rice-TBSI Training

From Christi:

Campus staff is required to be trained on TBSI (Texas Behavior Support Initiative) Module 1-6. New staff, transfer staff, long term subs are included in the requirement. There is an attachment listing instructions on how to access the modules (1-6). Once completed, be sure to print off 2 copies of your certificate. You keep one for your records and give one to me. The training has to be completed on or before November 20th.

Contact her if you have any questions.

Other Information and Reminders


We have noticed a large number of tardies to classes lately. Please make sure your students are in class on time and if you have students who are late, please work with them to correct the problem. Solutions-detentions, calls home, parent conferences, etc.

Supervision and Instruction in Classrooms:

Please remember that instruction needs to be ongoing during the class period. Teachers should be with their classes at all times, to ensure the students are supervised and on-task during the class period. Any planning that needs to take place during conference periods should not be done in another classroom when instruction should be taking place. Teachers need to be teaching and not visiting.


The majority of you do a wonderful job taking attendance, but there are some who aren't as wonderful! Linda is keeping track of those tallies and I will be checking to see how things are going. Remember each period is important for attendance, especially 2nd! If you haven't been so wonderful, you can change now!!!

Staff Twitter Accounts:

Please review the Rice Twitter Account listing on Smore to ensure your information is being publicized. To view what is already there, please visit this link. Let me know if there needs to be information added.

Library News

WOW! What an amazing week in the library. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson, for heading up the Book Fair. What a wonderful job!!!

Rice's Bragging and Reflection Form

Thanks again for those of you who have joined and added some comments on the Google Classroom I created. Please use this to showcase yourself or another teacher in the building.

There are four "announcements" placed in the classroom which is to be used to brag on yourself, a teacher, or even a student. If you include something about someone, please let them know, so they can see the information. Something to try out as far as giving props and recognition to those who deserve it. The class code is: k37hjt

Latest Posts:

Christi Langley Nov 12

THANK YOU Beth Schwartz for staying after school and filing all the goal/accommodation trackers!! It was a huge stack of papers to file! Definitely went the extra mile! Muchas Gracias!!!

Rocio Martinez-Mendoza Nov 10

I want to thank all of you who supported Anvi's UNICEF project. I love to see our kids caring for others. This age is all about them and their own little world, for them to step up and initiate a drive to help those who are in need is something to recognize and support. It might seem small but little bit we give to others make a big difference.

Same recognition goes to our MSA kids and their winter clothing drive to the DFW refugees. Thank you also for those who already contributed to the cause and thank you for those who are encouraging our students to give to others so they can stay warm this winter season by showing the PPT.
A big thanks goes to Chris for allowing our students to do this community outreach activities. It means a lot to them to have the support of our principal. They couldn't have done it without his support.

Staff Party

Don't forget to RSVP for the staff party which is scheduled for Friday, December 11 at Donna Olson's house. It is always a great evening to unwind a bit.

Non-Curricular Club Sponsors

1. Don't forget that each student-led group that is meeting on campus must have a completed “Student Group Request to Organize and Meet” form this year. Please remember that all non-curricular clubs must be renewed annually.

2. Also, non-curricular club sponsors need to remember that you are following the guidelines as outlined in the “Non-Curricular Club Sponsor’s Acknowledgement of Role and Responsibility” form that you signed paying particular attention to “I understand that I am not to promote, lead, or in any other manner, participate in, the meetings or activities of the ______ student group.”

a. Forms can be found at: http://inside.pisd/campus/campus_services/PrincipalNotebookinside.pisd.shtml

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Birthday!!!

November 18:

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Events for the Week

AMC Math Test (in class)

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 8:30-10:30am

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Principals Meeting-Kendyl, Sara and I are out

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 8:30-10:30am

6301 Chapel Hill Boulevard

Plano, TX

Band to Whirlyball

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 5pm

3115 West Parker Road

Plano, TX

Staff Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 3:45pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Thanksgiving Break Begins!

Friday, Nov. 20th, 3:45pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX