Lizzie Borden VS. Thomas Moody

Project by Jessica Johnson and Lauren Scoville

The Borden Family

Andrew Jackson Borden was a successful business man and one of the wealthiest in his town. His second wife, Abby Borden, lived with him as well as the daughters of Andrew first marriage, Emma (40) and Lizzie (31). Emma usually kept to herself while Lizzie was an outgoing, hot tempered girl. On August 3rd, Andrew, Abby and Bridget, the housekeeper, were all sick to the stomach and Abby Borden feared someone had poisoned them. That afternoon, Bridget was taking a nap after washing the windows outside when she heard Lizzie scream her name. She ran in to find Mr. Andrew Borden lying on the couch with his face hacked off. A couple hours later his wife Abby was found lying dead in a guest room also with her face hacked off.

The Victims

Lizzie Borden Rhyme

Lizzie Borden took an axe,
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.

“The Borden household may have been the most elaborately secured domicile in town. The front door was triple locked, and family members elaborately locked and unlocked their bedrooms and bureaus throughout the day.”

Trial and Witnesses

Verdict: Lizzie was not guilty for the murder of her father and stepmother because they believed no women could commit that great of a crime, especially in the eleven minute time frame between Mr. Borden's death and Bridget coming downstairs. She wouldn't have been able to hide the murder weapon, clean up the blood, and change clothes. Also, they believed no woman would ever be capable to commit murder.

Bridget Sullivan: Lizzie was the only one seen in the house at the time of the murder.

Alice Russel: She received a visit from Lizzie the night before the murder. Lizzie mentioned that she was going on a vacation soon and she felt that something was hanging over her head.
Adelaide Churchill: Saw Lizzie burning the dress she was wearing the day of the murder because Lizzie claimed it had red paint on it.