By: Tabitha Suzuma

Over all summary of book

Brother and sister, Maya and Lochan (Lochie) have always been very close. With their alcoholic mother no able to take care of their many younger siblings they were forced to spend every waking moment together. But now they are getting a little too close, their forced home life has caused them to become closer than brother and sisters should be. So close that they have fallen in love.

About Tabitha Suzuma

I was born in London to an English mother and a Japanese father, the eldest of five children. I went to the French Lycée in South Kensington and was a terrible pupil. I hated school and refused to work and did astonishingly badly in all subjects except English. I spent a lot of my time writing with my left-hand (I'm right handed) in an attempt to while away the hours. In secondary school I would sit at the back of the class and write stories, which I got away with because my teachers thought I was taking notes. Occasionally, when the boredom got too much, I would throw my friend's shoes out of the window. In the term report the teacher commented that I would make more progress if I didn't always insist on sitting with my feet up on the desk. This still remains my favourite writing position, which is why I now have a reclining chair and a cordless keyboard. When I was fourteen, I just stopped going to school - much to my teachers' relief and my parents' anguish.

My review of the book...

This is easily one if the best books I have ever read. It was also the weirdest most complicated and disturbing book I have ever read. You really have to have an open mindset to read this book and try to understand the situation Maya and Lochan are struggling so difficultly with. Tabitha writes this as if she experienced it herself, this book devours you and makes you feel as if you are the main character of the book. Throughout this whole book I felt as if I was living Maya's life, when she felt pain I felt pain, when she was happy I was happy. The characters are so realistic that you can't help but to feel like you are them. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a new and unusual story to get sucked into. But it's definitely a challenging book, them most challenging thing I have ever attempted to read.

My first real date (Maya's point of view)

Tonight is my first real date. It's with Nico DiMarco. Ya he's cute and nice but I'm really just not interested in him but Francies really excited for me she won't shut up about how she's going out with Lochan and I'm going out with Nico. She keeps talking about how we can go on double dates and hang out together all the time. So since Lochan agreed to take Francie out I figured I might as well try and give Nico a chance, I told Lochan I would even though I really don't want to, but it's the best choice if Lochan and I are ever gonna shake these feelings.

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The kiss that started it all (Maya's point of view)

After my date with Nico he walked me to the front door and he tried to kiss me but I turned my head so the kiss landed on my cheek instead of my mouth because It just didn't feel right with him all I could think of was Lochie right inside.....waiting for me. When I went inside Lochan was spazzing, he saw Nico try to kiss me and he was breaking down. I could hear in his voice he was chocking back tears. He looked at me with his wet eyes and chocked out "But he kissed you." I keep replaying that in my head over and over again. But I kept telling him that he didn't kiss me he tried to but I wouldn't let him, but he's just not listening to me!! Then I looked at him in those beautiful eyes of his and said "Do you want to know why?", then I started giving him careful soft kisses starting at his neck and continuing along his carefully carved face until I reached his mouth than i softly muttered, "This is why". Lochan than started kissing me hard but at the same time it was all so gentle. This is what started it all.

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After...(Maya's point of view)

Later that same night after the kiss I can never forget Lochie and I can't seem to find the words to break the awkward silence between us. Lochan is the first to break the silence and the first words that come out of his words are, "Maya what the hell are we doing?!" He continues saying that he doesn't understand why or how this was happening to us, but I close my eyes and press up against him and say, "All I know right now is that I love you far more than just a brother. you in-in every kind of way." I waited with suspence to see what he would say next. Than he uttered, "I feel like that too..." His voice sounded so shocked and raw though. Than he went on to say " it's-its a feeling so big, I sometimes think it's going to swallow me. It keeps growing and I can't-I don't know what to do to stop it. But-but we're not supposed to do this-to love eachother like this!" His voice cracks. Then i suddenly feel a rush of anger I mean I'm not stupid I know this but I can't stop it I've tried!! This is so frustrating to me and there is nothing I can do.

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We have to stop. (Lochans point if view)

I know after that night we just have to bury it deep and forget about it cause it can't happen again. But it's so bad, every time I'm around Maya all I can see is her beautiful long auburn hair falling just below her shoulders and her face, I want to trace her cheekbones with the tips of my fingers and cradle her fragile face in my hands. I want to touch her, kiss her and hold her but I know I can't but it's so hard to hold it back. I know I have to tell her we have to stop but I don't want to but I know I have to. I look at her as I try to spit the words so hard to say out, Maya looks at me and says, "do you want to kiss me again?" I carefully nod but as I learn towards her I just don't think I can do it. She asks me why, I tell her how worried I am that we won't be able to stop ourselves. She assures me that we will stop but I make her promise because I don't trust myself and I know if she doesn't stop me the consequences could ruin our family and my chances of ever seeing her again.

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That was quite a fall (Lochans point of view)

As I'm about to cut the corner to walk down the stairs I hear someone talking about someone fainting and falling down the stairs. At first I think nothing of it but when Miss Azley comes up to me in class and tells me it was Maya I'm frantic. I rush to the medical room running as fast as my legs will take me. Miss Azley comes with me to make sure I don't have a panic attack. Miss Azley goes into the medical room to check on Maya before I can, a few minutes later she comes back out and tells me that Maya is fine just a few bruises and a bit shocked. I'm so relieved to hear this but I need to see her now. When they finally let me see her i see Her face is drained and she has some small scrapes at her knee and some bruises around her elbow, violet shadows underline rimmed her empty eyes. But as I look into her empty eyes I can see that she's lying she didn't fall....she jumped.

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Saying goodbye (Maya's point of view)

It all feels like a bad dream. Life doesn't feel real right now, I'm just going through the motions but I can't even feel myself because if I do I'll loose it. But I have to let myself feel today, just for the funeral. I have to be here today, for the children, for Lochie. I have to turn off the mechanical switch for these next few hours. As we are getting ready for the funeral Willa comes into my room...she's crying, she doesn't want to go to the funeral. She doesn't want to say goodbye. I tell her to bring something to Lochie, he always loved her drawings so we picked out one, then Willa says "That's not fair! Lochie loves you! He wants you to do something for him too!" Willa's words repeat I'm my head over and over, than I feel dizzy so I grab the mirror in front of me to keep my balance. I press the back of my wrist to my mouth, my lips meet the cold silver. I glance at the bracelet and read the words once more, "forever and always I will love you. -Lochie." That was Lochies present to me. Now it's my turn. I look up at the mirror watching myself glare back at me and mumble, "Okay, I'll try. That's all I can promise you right now, Lochie, but I'll try."
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Importance of moment 1

This was Maya's first real date I mean if you ask me that's a pretty memorable moment. Your first date is something worth remembering bad or good it's still a memory you want to keep.

Importance of moment 2

In moment 2 Maya has her first kiss with Lochan. This moment is extremely important. This is the moment when they really realize they love eachother more than just siblings. This is the moment that started their forbidden love.

Importance of moment 4

After the kiss they realize the huge mistake they have made or Lochan does, Maya isn't thinking about how much trouble this could cause for their family at this point. As they talk about their feelings they promise not to make the same mistake again. This moment is important because as the reader you start to understand the huge complications this "relationship" between them could do to their family. You see how bad and big the consequences can be by having and incestious relationship.

Importance of moment 5

In moment 4 Maya falls down the stairs and faints at school. This happens after their long talk the night before, when they agree that they can't be in love. When Lochan goes to see Maya he is frantic. This moment shows you how much he cares for her. But Lochan knows Maya didn't fall. She jumped. People who witnessed her "fall" every one saw that she didn't fall, they saw that she jumped on purpose. It wasn't an accident. The other huge importance seen in this moment is how much they really love eachother, how much Maya wanted the attention from her brother after their rough talk the night before.

Importance if moment 3

In this moment Maya and Lochan talk about how they have to be very careful and make sure they dont get caught.

Importance of moment 6

This is very obviously the most memorable and important moment or all. This is after Lochan dies. They are getting ready to go to his funeral. Maya hasn't let herself "feel" since his death but today she has to. For the kids. For Lochie. The importance of this moment is obvious, it shows how deep the love was between Lochan and Maya.