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Why we LOVE Coral!

"The teachers, friends and maths" - Azariah

"The teacher and friends" - Morgan

"Art and the decorations, it looks beautiful"- Anendiya

"I like that we have 2 sides" - Corbin

"I can use my ipad to do maths" - Varad

" It's the most fun community in ALL of TSPS"- Callum

"I like Coral the best because I like how we do reading" - Monisha

"I like the ipads and the interactive White Boards" - Milit

"I Love everything!" - Bella

"I like maths and everything!" - Shayan

" I love Coral because all the teachers are nice"- Joecy

" I like Coral because Marie helps me and I use my ipad." - Keyton

" I love my friends and teachers and I get to learn lots" - Fildaus

" I love ALL the teachers" - L'maour

" I LOVE Coral because there are lots of friends and I love maths and doing writing!" - Theo

" I love Coral because I see my friends everyday and I like Maths and Writing!" - Kenzie

" Because all the teachers are nice and we use ipads!" - Elias

" In Coral Community we have so much fun!" - Shiv


What we learn in Writing

- We practise our hand writing

- We learn the sounds on the Phoneme Chart

- We go on spelling investigations

- We are learning how to write a Persuasive Text

- We plant seeds (ideas) in our Writer's Notebook

- We have conferencing with the teachers and talk about our goals

- We have lots of fun in writing

By Fildaus

What we learn in Reading

- We have learnt about Text Connections

- Text to text, Text to self and Text to world connections

- We have learnt how to make predictions before, during and after reading

- Guided reading

- We use our ipads to record our predictions, we read stories and use Literacy Planet and Scribble Press.

- We practise our Independent Reading and read Just Right Books

By Theo

What we learn in Maths

- We have learnt about place value

- We are learning about collecting data and recording it on a graph

- We are learning about shapes and time

By Kenzie


We are do fun things in Inquiry. We are learning about Multiple Intelligences and Habits of the Mind.


Habits of the Mind

We are learning different ways to use our brain to solve problems, like never giving up! It's called Persisting.


Multiple Intelligences

We are learning to become better learners but using our different ways to learn. Like using our bodys, listen to music and puzzles.

Tash and Channel

Using Nature Smart - Multiple Intelligence