The city of eternal spring


Bolivar Park Opened in 1892, is a landmark of Medellín, is also steeped in history. The land that is now owned by the Englishman were Tyrrel Stuart Moore

Parque Berrio. Geographical heart of the city, where the Antiochian have converged for generations as the main venue

Parque del Poblado. It is known for being the place where the first settlement of the Aburrá Valley was founded in 1616. On the eastern side is the Church of San Jose built in 1904. There is also the sculpture in Tribute to the First Town.

Important Statues Of Medellin

The sculpture "The Tree of Life" by artist Leobardo Jimenez, located in Boston's Bicentennial Park, was developed in 2012 with 27,398 bladed weapons collected during the disarmament made by Mayor Aníbal Gaviria Correa.

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In 1923 there was placed the statue of Simon Bolivar, Italian sculptor Giovanni Anderlini
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Statue of Jose Maria Cordoba, located in Park Boston, Medellin, Colombia
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Parque Plaza Hotel

This is the map of the ubication of the hotel and the ways that you can use to arrive there
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Pic of the pool of the hotel
It is located in the neighborhood El Poblado in front of the local church and Aliados multicenter

How Much And How Many

¿How much is the local transport in this city?

The price is 2000 per travel

¿How much is the lunch there?

The lunch cost is 13.000 pesos

¿How many parks are in this city?

There are many park, but the most popular are 4 or 5

Important People of Medellín

Aníbal Gaviria Correa mayor of Medellin

Sergio Fajardo the governor of Antioquia department

Celebrations in Medellin

La Feria de las Flores is a traditional, massive event that is celebrated for 10 days each year in the city of Medellín, Colombia. It is the first of August 10

The parade or festival Myths, Legends Dances and Medellín (Colombia) is a traditional celebration held every December 7 and not only held in the capital city but in other municipalities of Antioquia and Colombia.