Catholic Gators Student Leaders

Final Weekly Update of the 2014-2015 School Year

Hey Catholic Gators Student Leaders!

Hey student leaders! You've made it to finals week! One final thank you for all of your hard work and service this semester. Thank you for saying "yes" to the Lord! He will do great things with you if you remain open to Him!

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of our staff team members who are not returning for their hard work this past year (or years in some cases). Please pray for them! Afton, Chris, James, Kathryn, Laura, MattMatt - we will miss you!

As always, if any of you need anything at all, you know how to get a hold of us! Fr. David, Sandy, Samantha and I (Ashley) will be in our offices over the summer. Come say hello!

Looking Forward

TOMORROW, 4/27: Belgian Waffle Brunch. Free bacon and waffles and a break from studying! Come by the lounge 11-1.

Saturday, 5/2: Spring Gala 2015. Come celebrate the end of the semester with parents, alumni, benefactors and friends of the Catholic Student Center. Tickets are $40 for students, or you can get two tickets and be entered to win the raffle if you buy a 100 club membership for $100. Contact Samantha ( for more info.

Are you returning for leadership next year (as a bible study leader, elected officer, discipler, retreat core team member, or anything else)? Here are some dates you need to know!

August 20, 23-29 (Thursday-Saturday): Blast-Off Week

August 21-22 (Friday-Saturday): Leadership Retreat (required for all student leaders!)

August 22-23 (Saturday-Sunday): Tabling and outreach at all Masses

August 25 (Monday): Calling party (bible study leaders and officers will call new students based on what they sign up for on interest cards)

August 29-30 (Saturday-Sunday): Tabling take 2

Ongoing, Fall Semester:

Ambassadors for Christ applications are out! Looking for a way to expand your ministry! Join the ambassadors, who are responsible for welcoming strangers and encouraging people to participate at large Catholic Gators events. Applications here:

Got Those Summertime Blues?

Worried about the long summer away from your Catholic Gators community? Here's some tips for keeping the faith:

1) Keep your routine. Are you used to going to Mass three times a week? Daily rosary walk? Weekly Ignatian prayer? Even if you're not in Gainesville for the summer, as much as possible, keep your prayer routine as if you were.

2) Stay connected. Make a commitment to weekly skype dates with your friends, disciplers, or fellow ministry members. Make a facebook group. Check in regularly and hold each other accountable.

3) Check out the local college campus ministry. Near a college or university? Check with their campus ministry group to see if they're active over the summer (by the way, we are active summer B - but around summer A!). If you need help getting in touch with them, I can probably do that. Send me an email!

4) Pray with the universal Church. If you've never done it before, check out the Liturgy of the Hours. IBreviary is a free app for iPhone and Android. I'm sure there are other ones, but I'm not hip anymore so I don't know what the cool kids are using these days. But it's a great way to pray with the Church! Or, check out the USCCB website (, where they post the daily Mass readings, and read along if you can't get to a daily Mass in your area.

5) Pray for one another! Please don't cease praying for each other, for the Catholic Gators, for your parish and campus ministry staff, and for Mission 10,000. This happens only with your prayers and support. And know that you have our prayers as well!