"The Monkeys Paw"

read it great story keeps my attention and has scary moments


A man finds this magical item known as the monkeys paw. when he finds it it grants the family three wishes. The first thing they wish for is money. The next day a unusual man comees to their house and tells them that there son has died. About a week later the mother wants the son to be alive so she uses a wish. next thing you know the father heres a knock on the door. The father realizes what happened and before the mother could open the door the father uses the last wish. When they opened the door no body was there


My inference is that this story would a horror. Just by reading the beggining i noticed this. "Without, the night was cold and wet, but in the small parlour of Laburnum villa the blinds were drawn and the fire burned brightly."


In this story the conflict is that Mr. White wishes to change his life. with these three wishes he has he can do that. But when he attempts horrible things happen to him and now he has to try to stop it and get things back to where they were.


Herbeart White a gentle happy young man who goes from this to a threatig man.

Mrs. White intelligent and so passionate.

Mr. White a poor old man who is very curious.


I think the theme of this story is to be careful for what you wish for. The old man wishes for money, the next day their son has died in an accident. The man who told them this said they will get a monetary compensation, and it was the exact amount they wished for.