Tech Tips for Newbies

Don't panic! You will find what you need for technology here

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Technology Integration

It's my job to assist you with technology needs both for your professional development and your classroom. Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance; whether it be for technology resources, ideas for a project, or even having me come into the classroom to assist with technology. I have a flexible schedule and am always willing to work with you and your class!

Great for engaging students and quick assessment!

School Web Site

Our web hosting service. This is a great tool to utilize and share what you are doing in your classrooms! It is updated daily by our web design class. If you would like something added to our home page, please let me know!

***We will be moving to a new site in December, we will have training after this change takes place!

Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Homeroom/SeeSaw (Elem) and Pinterest

We have a school Facebook page, Twitter (@CrossCounty1 #cccougars), Instagram, Snapchat (Crosscounty1), and Pinterest account. Please make sure to Like and Follow to keep updated on school happenings.

  • Share the great things staff and students at Cross County are doing! If you are working on a project in your classroom, don't hesitate to take a picture and post it!
  • When posting, make sure to use first name only. After we have received all parent forms, we will send out a list of students whose pictures are not to be posted online.
  • Parents are using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- Don't be afraid to contact and keep parents informed this way by creating groups and classrooms via these great tools. Let me know if you would like assistance setting this up.
  • Make sure to keep your professional and personal Social Media accounts separate ;)
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Google Tools

School Google Domain

Google Docs
….In plain English…
Google Apps in the Classroom: Link to show some examples of classroom uses!

Go to School Web Site,, click on Staff, Google Docs
Username: First initial last name no spaces Example: klundstrom
**If there is no below the log in, you will need to add that to your user name!
Password: cccougars (you will want to change your password after logging in)

Google Mail:

All students have gmail accounts, but please encourage them to contact you via your school email.

  • If you want to email an entire class, their email is the year of graduation For example: will go to the entire senior class.
  • All student email is -
  • Please create a "group" email for sports teams or other smaller groups
  • Every student will receive the daily announcements via email

Google Drive:

  • Google Drive is where you will find a lot of our shared staff documents.
  • This is another nice tool to use with your class, as they have access too.

Google Forms:

  • Quick evaluation tool
  • Create Quizzes
  • Student feedback or classroom exit piece

Google +: This is a great description of Google + and how to use it in the classroom from Edutopia!

Google Blogger: Students and staff have the ability to create blogs using google blogger.

Google Sites: Create your own website! Students have the ability to create their own too!

The 3 P's

The three tools you will most likely use on a daily basis.

Other Online Resources

These paid subscriptions for online resources are available to all Cross County Staff!

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LAN SCHOOL (6-12 Grade)

You will find LAN SCHOOL on your computer. It is a student monitoring software that allows the teacher to view student monitors during class. You also have the option to freeze screens, share your screen, and limit sites and programs that can be viewed. Please let me know a time that works for you and we will do a quick training.


Our newest software is Canvas. If you are a 6-12 staff member, you will get to know Canvas well. It is a learning management system which allows us to better communicate with students and parents along with connecting all of our digital tools in one place. We will have work sessions with Canvas throughout the school year!
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