Alabama, Mississippi, & the South

By: Linder Mean

Alabama (AL.)

Alabama State Facts (cont.)

Abbreviation- AL

Area- 52, 419 mi

Population- 9.849 million

Resident name- Alabamian, Alabaman

More things about Alabama

Nickname: Yellowhammer State, Cotton Stare, And the Heart of Dixie

Motto: We dare defend our rights

Song: Alabama

Bird: Yellowhammer

Flower: Camellia

Tree: Longleaf Pine

Mississippi (MS.)

Mississippi State Facts (Cont.)

Abbreviation: MS

Area- 52, 434 mi

Population- 2.994 million

Resident name- Mississippian

More Facts about Mississippi

Nickname: The Hospitality State & The Magnolia State

Motto: Seal of Mississippi

Song: Go Mississippi

Bird: Mockingbird

Flower: Evergreen Magnolia and the Bloom of the Magnolia

Tree: Magnolia Tree

The South

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Major History Events

American Revolution

American Civil War (which ended slavery)

American Civil Rights Movement