A World Without Fireworks

What would it be like?

The world we know would not be the same it is today. You would be amazed by the difference fireworks have made on the world. Like victory in battles and many celebrations would not be the same. For example China would be majorly different, they might not be China anymore, they may be a way different nation they could become Russian.

Differences around the world

America's Forth of July would be a lot different because they have be using fireworks since the beginning of the holiday.China would be different to but we talked about that already.

Italy would have some differences because they helped develop the firework. There are many other things would be different across the world.

Why is this so important

This is important because fireworks are the reason why we even have gunpowder and all the weapons we have today.It is also important to the people of the world because fireworks raised there spirts and made happy in bad times because they were colorful and bright.
Just for fun you can watch a little bit of the fireworks in the video below.
SkyProsMedia - University of Texas at Dallas Fireworks