By Angel M

Busy as a Bee

My life is so busy, I'm in 3rd grade, and I am a dancer. I do Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop and Lyrical. I like Hip Hop the most its a lot of fun to dance. I also play piano, I've been learning this since I was 3 and now I'm 8. This keeps me very busy.

My Family

I have cool family. Angela is my mother and Tyrone is my dad, I have two grandmothers one lives in Mississippi Peggy and one lives in Louisiana her name is Gloria. I have three brothers one that went to Heaven and two that live in Louisiana. I have two cousins in Mississippi that are like my sister and brother to.

Fun Times

Fun Times

  • I have so many good memories about my life I have been to some fun places , Sea World,Six Flags,Disney World,and Disney Land.I also went to California and I got to go to Hollywood also LA I saw the premier of ant man it was so fun and then I got to go on the T M Z tore and to the Beach. I also did the talent show. It was so fun for me I remember when I did my first solo in California , I felt Really happy that I won 3rd place. I also won two scholarships, one at pulse and one at Hollywood Vibe.
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MY Favorite thing To Do

I like do dance, I like to play Piano, hang out with my friends, and play with my mom. Math is my favorite subject, I like to play math games with friends and my mom. I like to go to the skating rink and I like to go skating on the street where my house is.I enjoy doing Gymnastics I stared when I was two anther thing I like to do is read Dorks Diaries ,I plays dolls with my friends.

Important Goals

This year I would like to a accomplish everything I need to go to fourth grade. Next year I'd like to accomplish the next level in dance so I will be working hard to move up. When I grow up I want to be a professional Dancer.So this is the story of my life and I'm only 8.


I have such a fun life, I'm only eight, and I have been to so many places. I spend a lot of my time dancing with my friends. In the future I hope to get better in dance, make new friends and travel to new places. Good by