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August 2019

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Thanks for making my first months here a great experience. I know we still have some mountains to climb and some valleys to walk-through, but we will do this TOGETHER.

Our focus points for the 2019-2020 school year:

  1. Support our schools to the best of our ability through proactive planning, quick response, customer service, smiles, and appreciation for each other.

  2. Seek solutions that are student-centric. Don't focus on problems, be a solutions provider.

  3. Work to ensure optimal teaching and learning environments every day.

  4. Create a culture of TEAM vs. I.

  5. Celebrate successes TOGETHER and TELL OUR STORY.

  6. Move our media centers into Future Ready collaboration spaces.

  7. Try and have fun while we are making a difference in the lives of our students.

From our team to yours . . . . here's to a great school year. Thanks for all that you do!!

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Melissa Loflin, I-SS Media Coordinator of the Year, Lakeshore Elementary

Teacher Spotlight | Melissa Loflin | August 2019
Nominate an Innovative Teacher

Open this form to nominate a colleague for the Teacher Spotlight who is doing some innovative instructure for students.

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Rewordify is a free online tool that helps with difficult-to-understand words, sentences and passages. It is as easy as copying text and pasting it into the site.

Rewordify simplifies difficult English. Look at examples below.

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Rewordify Demo

Click to practice Rewordify. Experience Rewordify as your students would experience it.

App Update

In our first issue of the DTL e-Digest (September 2018), we highlighted FlipGrid, a website that allows teachers to create “grids” for video discussions.

Richard Byrne recently highlighted some of the updated features available in Flipgrid to include the following:

  1. Whiteboards
  2. Shorts
  3. Transcripts and closed captioning
  4. FlipGrid AR

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Apple Coaching Cycles - Contact the Digital Teaching & Learning Coaches if your school is interested in participating in a Coaching Cycle. Your Digital Teaching & Learning Coaches can come lead your teachers through a coaching cycle. The cycles consist of 3 days together: Day 1 planning together, Day 2 co-teaching and Day 3 reflecting on the lesson and technology integration. They were a huge hit last year!

Apple Vanguard Academy 2019-2020 Cohorts - We will have 3 elementary cohorts this year with a total capacity of 60 participants. Keep your eyes open for more information in the coming weeks.

Apple Teacher for Mac is now an iQuest Course! If you want to become and Apple Teacher for Mac, please visit our iQuest page and enroll in the Apple Teacher for Mac course that will walk you through the program. If you recently completed the Apple Teacher program for Mac on your own and would like to earn DTL credits, please also visit the iQuest page and enroll in the Apple Teacher for Mac course and submit the evidence required.

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IQuest OPL Opportunities

Join the iQuest OPL Development Team

iQuest Online Professional Learning

Other Learning & Growing Opportunties

  1. Friday Institute MOOCeds: Massive Open Online Courses are offered by the Friday Institute. These free courses allow educators to learn on a variety of topics. These courses are self-paced and will award contact and participation hours for CEUs. There are ten courses to choose from.

  2. Microcredentials with the Digital Promise: Get started exploring and learning. There are a variety of Microcredentials to choose from. Learn. Grow. Share with Digital Promise.

  3. Canvas.Net: Canvas.Net is a catalog of professional learning covering a wide range of topics (content and curriculum, blended learning, to languages). Teachers and Administrators can search the entire catalog.

  4. NCCAT Online Professional Learning Catalog: NCCAT offers a range of free online professional learning for teachers. Check out the Catalog and choose the learning experience based on need.
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The Canvas of Things

Read about the latest updates, new releases, tips, and strategies

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Must Have Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Are there Chrome extensions to which you want students to have access?

Chrome extensions are such powerful tools to leverage student learning. Currently, students do not have the ability to add Extensions. If there are extensions you would like to use for instructional purposes, submit the following request form.
Request Chrome Extensions for Students

Submit a student Chrome extension request using this form

20 Youtube Channels for Educators

Podcast by Subject Area

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Do Schools Kill Creativity

In 2006, Sir Ken Robinson delivered what would become the most popular TED Talk of all time – a plea to reverse the standardization and rigid compliance that has drained creativity out of our schools. Unfortunately, more than a decade later, Robinson’s diagnosis remains relevant today.

Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson
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If All of Us Cells Work Together, What will Happen?

All teams (grade level, departmental, school-based, faculty) must find a common rhythm and work together. When one falls out of rhythm and doesn’t pull his/her weight the “system” deteriorates. Watch this great clip from “Here Comes The Boom”.

Teamwork With A Cause.