The Bad Beginning

Author: Lemony Snicket


This tale is about 3 very unlucky orphans who lead lives of misery and woe named the Baudelaire's. They received tragic news which terribly changed their lives forever filling it with melancholy. They, on their miserable journey, encounter a nefarious, greedy, and repulsive villain who is up to demolish their lives.
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Why this Book is for you!

If you like realistic fiction, then this book is recommended for you! It has a series of hooks and moments you will absolutely love. You will shed tears feeling pity for each Baudelaire turning pages because you just can't stop because that is what happened to me. It has good moments, sad moments, and some moments that are just terrible. I read this book and is hands-down the best series that I have read so I definitely recommend that you give this series a try!

The Baudelaire Children

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