MakerBot, 3D Printing

Key Holder, Logan Demko

Setting up the maker bot, replicator 2.

A very simple machine to use, that only takes a few steps to setup. The first step is to have a file saved on a SD ready to print. You then take the build plate and put blue painters tape on it. You cover it in tacky glue so your print will stick to the build plate. The last step is to preheat the machine and let it print.


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Why is this desired

This key holder that I have printed is great for anyone who drives or has more then one key on a key chain. This simple product is created to look like a Swiss Army knife. You can pull keys out of both sides and it keeps noise and clutter out of your pocket. This key holder is very easy to assemble, all you need to do is take off the nuts and slide keys on. When you slide a key onto the side of your choice you need to add small washers as spacers to keep the top half of the holder level, this also causes the keys to slide nice and smooth.

Obstacles of this project

I faced a few obstacles in this project, which is ok since this is my first try with this software. I had trouble saving the temperature of the machine when I went to use it. I would change the settings on the computer from 230 degrees celsius to 250 degrees celsius, but when I went to the machine it only preheated to 230. So I had to change it manually. Another problem I ran into sense my project came in two pieces is that when I went to print the first time only one part of my project came out. This resulted in me having to print the other side on a separate build plate. Overall I didn't have to many obstacles to face and I had a lot of fun making this as well.

What to be proud about

I am proud about how my whole project turned out. The keys fit in there great and they slide very easy. Overall I am happy with myself learning a new software and how to use a new machine. Things I would change are the color of it, not a bad color, but not my first choice. Another thing I would change would be the bolts I chose, they need to be a bit longer to hold all of the keys that I want. Overall I am happy and please with how my project turned out, and I think it's a great idea for anyone who owns a car or has a lot of key, or doesn't want the clutter and noise of keys jingling around in their pocket.
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