CSD Independent Study with Stride

August 18, 2021


Wellcome Back


  • By now you should have received Registration ID

  • Teachers will be reaching out and posting messages and other announcements within each course

  • Encourage your student to complete online orientation to familiarize themselves with system navigation

  • There may be prompts or icons to print materials – this is not required, but an optional feature

  • As the Learning Coach, you can view materials shipments through their account

    • Log into their access

    • Click their name in the upper righthand corner

    • Select My Info

    • View My Orders on the left side of the screen

    • Select student and order as applicable

*Material requirements may vary by course, grade level and program.
*Some courses require household materials that will be listed in the course.

  • Ensure your student is attending all required teacher and school or district-scheduled meetings

  • For all grade levels, but particularly for grades K-5, reminder Learning Coaches should be entering attendance for offline work completed too.

  • Additional support channels

    • Engage Strong Start Website (LC-specific resource for getting started, events and resources)

      • Includes links to resources that may have been previously shared too.

    • Service Station (knowledgebase of FAQ – geared for any user, access to call/chat/submit a ticket for support, contact Academic Support chat)

    • K12 Help Desk (expansive knowledgebase of FAQ – geared for full-time virtual families, help articles, system how-tos)


In addition to your child’s Stride virtual teacher, your child will have a Cambrian supervising teacher who will conduct regularly scheduled check-ins.

Grade TK-3 Students:

Every Wednesday 8:30-8:45am

Meeting ID: 958 1161 1034

Passcode: Cambrian

Zoom Link

Grade 4-5 Students:

Daily (Monday-Friday) 8:45-9:00am

Meeting ID: 972 6620 3998

Passcode: Cambrian

Zoom Link

Grade 6-8 Students:

Daily 8:45-9:00am

Meeting ID: 986 1534 2793

Passcode: Cambrian

Zoom Link

As a requirement of the independent study program, your child will be participating in the Cambrian district’s assessment. Your supervising teacher will send communication regarding the assessment schedule. All district assessments will be administered online.

Your child has been assigned a District case manager. If you have any questions, please email the following contacts:

The Cambrian website has detailed information under this ISVSP link, including the steps to check out a Cambrian device if needed. If you have questions about returning to in-person instruction when you are ready, please contact Linh Nguyen, Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services, at nguyenl@cambriansd.com or 408-558-4916.


  • Set up a workspace and organize materials.

  • Report to school administration any changes in telephone, email, mailing address, or shipping address information.

  • Check in on materials shipments.

  • Spend time familiarizing yourself with the platform and other Learning Coach resources.

  • Develop a schedule and have it posted for the Learning Coach and Student to view.

    • Included required meetings for the day.

    • Outline to spend a specific amount of time per course. Get started with one or two content areas on the first day. Additional content areas the next day.

    • Eventually shift to completing all content areas each day or as required by the district.

    • Check in frequently on schedule during the first few days or weeks of school.

    • Share expectations for schedule with your student.

    • Depending on the grade level, develop a plan on how students should check in with you as the Learning Coach when stuck or when additional assistance is needed.

    • Depending on grade level, include time for yourself as the Learning Coach to enter attendance for the date.



  • Check for email from the teacher and respond, as needed.

    • For grades 4-8 students, make sure that you check in daily with your Cambrian Supervising Teacher via Zoom.

  • Follow and complete the scheduled daily lessons.

  • Mark lessons complete and record daily online and offline attendance.

  • Review lessons for the next day and gather all necessary materials.
    Helpful Tip: Print or review “Week View” each Monday to assist with planning.


  • Review and prepare lessons for the next week.

  • Ensure participation in required synchronous sessions.

  • Note any topics to discuss at the next regularly scheduled meeting with the District case manager or Stride instructor.

As Required or Scheduled:

  • Student and parent conference with teacher during regularly scheduled time period.

  • Collect and submit work samples as requested.
    Helpful Tip: Add sticky notes on the work sample pages that need to be turned as a reminder.

  • Ensure participation in district and state testing as required.

  • Work in partnership with district-based school liaison for student support services

End of School Year:

  • Gather returnable materials.

  • Review coursework placement with your school for the following year.