Gertrude Ederle

Delaney Ginnings


Gertrude Ederle was born on October 23, 1906. She was the third of six children and was raised in New York City, where she lived in an apartment next to her father's butcher shop.

First Time in Water

Gertrude Ederle's first time in water was when she was seven. While visiting her grandmother in Germany, Gertrude Ederle fell into a pond and nearly drowned. After the disaster her father wanted to teach her to swim. For her first lesson her dad tied one end of a rope on to her waist and told her to dog paddle. She mastered the dog paddle. After that she joined her older sister Margret and she copied Margret and her friends strokes and practiced and soon she swam better then any of them.

When Gertrude Ederle Became a Member of the New York Swimming Association

At the age of thirteen, she became a member of the New York Swimming Association and took lessons there.

When Gertrude Ederle won her first race

At age fifteen Gertrude Ederle won her first race.

When She Beat the Men's record and When She set 29 U.S World Records

Gertrude Ederle was sixteen when she beat the men's record. Gertrude Ederle set 29 records by 1925.

When she got back to land

As she neared the Kingdom, on the coast of England, she saw thousands of people gathered to greet her.

GERTRUDe ederle death

She died November 30, 2003 at the age of 98.

Why we should have a holiday

We should have a holiday because worked really hard to beat the men's record. I think we should have the holiday on November 30, 2003 because that was when she died and the day she made history.


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