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December 2021

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Thank You for the Food Donations!

Thank you to all families who participated in the PTO food drive! Frost Elementary was able to make a very generous donation that will support local families in need through the Frost Community Center. Also, thanks to a very generous donor, all classes will receive a pizza party in appreciation of the excellent participation! The winning class, Mrs. Lopez's 2nd graders, will also receive an extra special treat!

If you or a family you know is in need of food, please contact the community center at (903) 682-2361 or see the other resources listed below.

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Star Wars Helmet Giveaway!

Click on the picture or on the link below to enter a drawing to win one of six Star Wars R2-D2 multi-sport helmets provided to us by TxDot. The helmets are designed for children ages 5-8. The drawing will be held on Monday, December 13.

Star Wars Helmet Drawing Entry

Community Resources

Our Frost Community and Navarro County have many resources available to help families in need. Don't hesitate to reach out if you or someone you know needs assistance. The following pictures feature some of the resources available for our school families.

Dress Code

The Frost ISD Student Handbook outlines our district dress code, which is designed to promote a positive learning environment. In elementary school, we encourage students to take pride in themselves by being well-groomed and wearing school-appropriate clothes. Here are a few reminders about how you can help your elementary child get dressed for success at school:

1. Wear shoes that stay secure on feet because we run, play, walk down long halls, and go up and down stairs throughout the day. Shoes such as flip flops that slip off easily tend to become both tripping hazards and distractions during class.

2. Style hair and secure it out of face before coming to school because messy hair decreases self-esteem and because hair becomes a distraction when it is constantly falling in face or being played with.

3. Wear clean clothes that fit well. Clothing that is way too tight makes it difficult to sit still in class and is generally uncomfortable. Clothing that is way too baggy makes participating in activities difficult.

4. Keep "toy" clothing and accessories such has animal ear headbands, watches with lights & noises, etc. at home. Outdoor accessories such as sunglasses and caps should not be brought into class.

5. Wear clothing that is not "see-through" and wear tights underneath jeans that have holes (and no holes above shorts level). Shirts should cover the shoulders, chest, belly and back. Shorts should be longer than the arms held down at sides.

These are just a few general reminders about appropriate dress for school. Please read p.44-46 of the handbook for specific requirements, and thank you for helping our students come to school ready to learn.


December 13-17 Frost Cheerleaders' Spirit Week:

  • Monday 13th - Wear Flannel
  • Tuesday 14th - Color War (Girls Wear Red & Boys Wear Green)
  • Wednesday 15th - Wear Christmas Hats & Socks
  • Thursday 16th - Wear Pajamas
  • Friday 17th - Wear an Ugly Sweater

December 16 - Early Release @ 12:20

December 17 - Early Release @ 12:20; End 3rd Six Weeks; Classroom Holiday Parties

December 20-January 4 - Student Holidays

January 5 - Students Return to School

January 17 - Holiday

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