Major Events

Afghanistan Again

Sending in Troops

The U.S has sent in special operation troops to assist Syrian rebels in their fight against ISIS.

Their main job to advice Syrian Rebels, but the same thing happened in Vietnam we sent in U.S troops to advice and soon we started sending in troops to fight the enemy ourselves. Over 3000 troops are also stationed in Iraq with the same job as the ones in Syria.

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U.S Special Operation troops helping train local soldiers.

Current Progress against ISIS

While progress is good and enemies of ISIS are all fighting there hardest, but some U.S government officials feel like more troops from the U.S and other countries need to be sent in to help train local groups fighting ISIS and also to fight ISIS themselves too. This could come in as more air support, more trainers, or even more ground troops.
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Map showing current control ISIS has

What could happen

Well basing off whats happening right now some stuff might happen. It could be a possibility that the U.S or other countries escalate their presence there, and fighting might also escalate if ISIS thinks it might have a chance of loosing a significant amount of power, but we will half to see.
ISIS propaganda
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