10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Quick and Easy To Follow Steps!

The Comprehensive List

Homeowners have a lot of things to worry about. Not only do they have to make sure everything is working properly, but they must also worry about home security. There are various actions the homeowner can take to help keep their home safe from burglars. Methods include easy to complete tips to using technology to keep would-be burglars at bay. Find the top ten ways to keep your home safe here:

1. Lock Up

It may sound like common sense, but you need to make sure you lock all your doors and windows. Many home break-ins are through an open door or window. This includes pet doors. These are easy access points for burglars.

2. Lighting

Whether you have automatic lighting or continuous lighting, it helps deter burglars. Illumination helps eliminate places for someone to hide. Automatic or motion sensor lights can startle a burglar. Furthermore, if your neighbors see a light come on outside at an odd time, they might be prompted to investigate what is going on. All these things help thwart the efforts of a burglar and they may move on instead of breaking in.

3. Home Alarm

Home alarm systems are a popular way to deter burglars from trying to break into a home. Many times, they include cameras, window and door sensors, keypads, and motion detectors. These systems allow technology to monitor your home and help keep it safe. You can get a DIY home security system and install it yourself, or contract with a company that will provide monitoring and professionally installs it.

4. Remote Access

Newer technology is allowing people to monitor their home from their smartphone. You can get notifications on your phone to let you know if your outdoor lights are triggered or if someone breaks in. And, because it comes to your smartphone, you don’t even have to be home to know about it.

5. Secure Your Valuables

Securing your valuables lessens their theft if your home is broken into. You could use an in-house safe or, keep valuables in a safe deposit box at your bank. Things to keep in a safe would include passports, deeds, car titles, and valuable jewelry.

6. Secure Your Mail

Protecting your identity is very important. You can get a locking mailbox. These boxes lock after the mail is placed into it. This prevents strangers from stealing your mail or obtaining personal information that might lead to identity theft.

7. Keep It Quiet

If you are going on vacation, the last thing you want to do is broadcast it. Try not to announce it on social media. If you want to let everyone know about your trip, wait until you get home and then post pictures and information. Only let people you trust know that you are going to be out of town. This will decrease the chance of a social media acquaintance from taking advantage of knowing you and your family will not be home.

8. Smart Locks

Technology has afforded homeowners the possibility to install locks on their doors that do not require a key. This eliminates the possibility of losing the key. Some door locks use a keypad, your smartphone, or even a finger scan. Smart locks are not complex, and most homeowners can install them by themselves. Additionally, these are relatively inexpensive, but come with a variety of features.

9. Get Friendly with Your Neighbors

Engaging with your neighbors is not only good for the neighborhood, it can make your neighbors want to look out for you. So, if they see something going on at your house that seems unusual, they might call you or call the police. If they know you are going out of town, you might be able to get them to remove newspapers and mail. Piled up mail and flyers can be a signal to a burglar that you have not been home. This gives them the go-ahead to target your home for a break-in.

10. Clean Up

Leaving tools outside your home can give burglars a way to gain access to your home. Ladders left outside can let burglars enter your home through windows that may not be locked. And, if they know you are not home, it will give them an incentive to try. So, make sure you put everything away when you are done doing yard work or household maintenance.

Using multiple methods to protect your home can result in a reduced chance of it being burglarized. Some things are common sense and easy to do, while other things may require a professional. Whatever you decide, it will make your home more secure and help you sleep better at night.