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Twitter: Who to Follow

@edudemic has lots of followers and has some great blogs around using Apps, which Apps to use and categorises Apps under particular topics if you search through his previous tweets. Well worth a look as you're bound to find something to suit your needs

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

PixnTell - This App has a lot more to offer than Fotobabble, where you can talk over a photo. However PixnTell has so much more potential. Create a project, insert images, reorder them, insert text and record your voice to tell the story. Save it to your Camera Roll or upload to YouTube.

3 Ways to try this App this week in either BTEC, GCSE PE or Core PE:

1. Insert images to represent assignment work e.g. Identify and describe Components of Fitness

2. Allow students to take pictures of what they did during the lesson, then review this at the end

3. Combine it with BurstMode. Create an Audio Teaching Card which demonstrates the perfect teaching points of a skill

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Literacy in PE: Wordclouds

This blog appeared on @subjectsupport from @davisonpe from Whickham. Worth a follow as he shares some great ideas, concepts and quotes on twitter which can be used. Like anyone it is worth searching through his twitter feed.

This blog is about ways in which 'Word Clouds' can be used in the classroom. Tried this myself and Tagxedo (a web based tool) is very creative as you can produce this into the shape of your choice. Likewise WordFoto (iPhone App) and Wordle (WebTool) are worth trying.

Manage your online reading: Pocket

If you are using Twitter for CPD purposes then 'Pocket' is a useful App. Save links, twitpics and blogs which you can read at a later date and store for as long as you want.

Find a link in a tweet, press and hold until a 'pop up' menu appears and click 'read later'. Open Pocket and the saved link is available for you to access. The link below is a screencast from @edutait on how to setup and use Pocket. Worth looking into if you haven't already got this on your iPad

PE tip of the day

@PETotD again has provided some useful hints and tips to improve Core PE practice this week for Athletics and Badminton.

“@PE_TotD: T&F: for a change-up, rather than teaching the jumps as "an event" try a "jumps bi/pent/hept/dec - athlon". Task/record card with a no. of combo jumps. Eg. 1) Standing LJ 2) 2 hops 3) Stand LJ+Step 4) Step+hop+jump to 2 feet etc... Good for building/linking basic skills”

“@mrdowsonPE: @PE_TotD warm up game - 2 shuttle down. 1/2 court each person has a shuttle. Throw it over net try to throw both over so both touching floor on opponents side at same time. Can't have both shuttles in the hands at the same time #tactics over arm action to throw to back simple clear instructions! Oops! Aim is to have both shuttles on floor on opp. Side. Throw over then quickly pick up one they threw over. If you can catch 1 thrown by opp. good chance you could throw it back before they have chance to pick other one up!#confusing”

League Cup Final Reaction: Todd brings home the cup

Special mention for Mr. Todd this week for his Year 10 League Cup Success. Well done and well deserved.

Mr Todd was quoted as saying "the week began poorly for me this week when I was spotted by @jopollitt at the Big Reunion Concert watching my favourite bands Atomic Kitten and Blue despite claiming I am a huge Black Keys fan. Anyway despite the stick received I dusted myself down, put my Scotland umbrella up and guided the team to a great victory, despite half the team truanting at some point during the week". It is widely expected that Todd will sign a new one extension to his current contract to see the team through one more term.

Mr Collingwood was happy with the result but is increasingly concerned about the state of the strips and will not comment further until all 4 tops, 11 pairs of shorts and 3 socks are returned.