British North America


13 colonies

The 13 colonies were British colonies. They were close to New France and the natives. After the fall of new france they got more land. The Britsh wanted more power so they dident expel the french like they did to the acadians. Then the British raised the taxes in 13 colonies. They people living in the 13 colonies felt that the British was using them so things like the Boston tea party happend.
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Start of a war

1800-1810 the British were fighting Napoleon in Europe. The British needed to cut of Napoleons resources so they stopped American trade ships if they have goods from french they considered a enemy there was no neutral. This was a big problem for Americans because they can get a lot of money from being neutral because they get to trade with both french and English. In this time period American trade ships with French goods will have to stop in Britain to pay money If they didn't pay money they were considered enemy. No war war was declared but the Americans wanted to seize land from Natives and Canadians.


As I said the Americans were taking land from Natives and Canadians William Henry Harrison Governor of the Indiana territory was taking land slowly from Natives. He went to tribes and told them to give away land to make treadys with him and in those treadys he got more then 100,000,000 acres of land! Then a 42 year old man named Tecumseh Refuses to sign the tready. William the lead his troops to Tecumseh home base he thought they will be wreck with Tecumseh not leading them because he wasn't there and it was true William had beat them! The next day William and his troops dug up Indian graves and burned there houses. They searched the village and found British weapons. 1812 war was declared. The Americans declared war on British knowing that they are the strongest military group but most of British troops were fighting Napoleon so they couldn't fight much in BNA. The Americans tried to invade Canadians but couldn't the the British tried to invade new Orleans but the couldn't even with 2000 troops they couldn't invade new Orleans. In conclusion the war of 1812 was won by Canadians. Canadians stopped the invasion and Americans.


1815 the tready of gent was signed this was a peace tready all borders were set back to normal and peace was declared.
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