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Stephen Goldstein Speaks Out Against Tort Reforms

Stephen Goldstein had a few choice words in the direction of people who have been supporting the idea for reforms to the tort system. Here is what he had to say on the matter.

The idea that tort reforms will make the legal system better is a misconception. In fact, these tort reforms will make it more difficult for Americans to claim the compensation they deserve.

What are Torts?

It is a common part of the American legal system that a wronged party can sue a person, company or state to claim damages. Whether the situation may involve medical negligence, defective items, car accidents, or work injuries, damage lawsuits are a vital part of the system.

However, these tort reforms would fly in the face of that notion. The definition of torts is fairly simple. Torts refer to incidents where a party's actions may not have been illegal, but they caused damage to someone else. This means that the matter is tried in a civil claims court, not a criminal court. Wronged parties can claim justice through monetary compensation.

Real People - Real Problems

The truth behind torts is a lot scarier. Torts are not just a blot on the legal system. They are real issues that impact real people all the time. For example, imagine being someone whose son or daughter was taken away from them because of a medical error. Imagine the patient who took a drug prescribed by their doctor, only to find out it was causing them damage in other areas. Imagine suffering a serious injury at work because the conditions were not safe for anyone to be around.

If you or a loved one finds themselves in these situations, your life has changed immeasurably. This is the moment when you pick up the phone, call a lawyer, and see what your options are. There may not be a way to criminally prosecute those who caused you harm, but at least you can gain some form of compensation. That sounds fair. But not to those who have their own interests to protect.

Misguided Tort Reforms

It may be labelled tort reform, but let us not beat around the bush. This reform has been an attempt by the rich and powerful to ensure their companies are not negatively impacted. Who cares if people have suffered, the only thing that matters are company profit margins.

By reducing laws to protect consumers, limiting financial compensation in tort cases, gutting attorney fees from tort cases, and much more, these groups have ensured that an ordinary person cannot fight for justice against a more powerful corporation.

There are a lot of lies being spread about the types of lawsuits brought against companies and hospitals. These corporations will argue that people sue them unnecessarily, with frivolous claims, in an attempt to get rich. That could not be further from the truth. In a vast majority of cases, tort lawsuits are filed by individuals or groups who have been severely wronged. These individuals only have the civil courts where they can seek justice. Where will they go after these tort reforms are enacted?
We should stop calling this process "tort reform", because it is closer to being a funeral for the civil justice system.

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