Gender Wage Gap

What Is It?

What Is The Gender Wage Gap?

The gender wage gap is the difference in pay between men and women. The average gap between men and women across all jobs is 78% (Hill). However, this does not mean that in all professions it is 78%. For example, in construction the gap is only 91% but for lawyers it is 57.7% (Portlock). The gap in pay also goes up with your age (Hill). Also, the gap becomes smaller when women do not have any kids. It goes up to 82% from the original 78% (Hill). It will take at least 44 years for men and women to have the same pay (Hymowitz). 77% of women and 63% of men said that there needs to be a change for the annual wages of women (Patten).

Why Is It There?

The gender wage gap is there because of the recession of 2001 (The Gender away Gap). The recession messed up the economy. It threw the pay of women off compared to men. The gap has come a long way since then. A few other reasons for the wage gap could be because of job qualification and women are not as likely to graduate college as men (The Gender Pay Gap).