Kitchen & Food Safety Brochure

How to keep you and your food safe and tasty

Preventing Kitchen Accidents

To prevent kitchen accidents, make sure that all cords are neatly put away and are not dangling near water, all cupboard doors are closed to prevent falls and all spills are wiped up right after they happen. When cleaning appliances make sure they are unplugged and turned off to prevent electrocution. Make sure to avoid electrocution by pulling the cord from the plug. Always be extra careful when handling knifes. Always make sure your hair is tied back so it doesn't catch on fire.

What To Do In An Emergency

If you are in an emergency call 911 right away if life threatening . If it happens to be a grease fire put it out by using baking soda, NEVER WATER, make sure you turn off the burner. If you cut your finger, start by washing it with soap and warm water and right after put direct pressure on the cut with a clean cloth. If you burn yourself run the burned area under cold water right away to relieve any pain, then wrap the burn up.

All About Food Bourne Illnesses

Food born illnesses like warm moist temperatures and tend to grow faster in these environments. Bacteria multiply rapidly if not kept at the right temperature. The longer food is left the longer bacteria has to grow. The danger zone for food is between 4 degrees and 60 degrees Celsius, so keep your food out of those temperatures.

Preventing Food Bourne Illnesses

To prevent food Bourne illnesses always keep your food refrigerated if needed. ALWAYS WASH FRUITS, VEGATABLES AND MEAT so you know they are clean unlike the ones in the CSI episode. also make sure you wash your hands before preparing a meal. Use separate utensils for cutting fresh produce and meat. Never ever thaw meat and put it back in the freezer. Make sure you use a CLEAN cutting board always and just a cutting board in general.