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Principal's Message

Greetings Titan Families!

I am looking forward to reuniting with my Titan family to continue our mission of building a dedicated collaborative culture where all students feel connected to our strategic plan. Our school has been under renovation, and it will good to be back in our building just in time for the big show, Information Day at our open house on Wednesday, August 7th. On August 12th, we will be ready for our students to walk the transportation lanes as they take center stage, while our teachers, staff, PTSA, and parents support another great school year!

I am proud to spotlight these accomplishments: an 11.1 point advancement in our CCRPI Score, and that once again Elkins Pointe has earned a superior GADOE 5-Star Climate Rating. In 2019-2020, we will continue to lead a school where safety, respect, accountability, and excellence are our highest priorities. Our mission of "college and career readiness" continues forward through our AVID program and strategies. 100% of our students benefit from AVID via WINN (What I Need Now) class lessons, and 50% of our staff is AVID trained. Each year we expand AVID teaching into the classrooms and infuse our culture of "college and career" bound into the building. Some the things we are AVID about include: Titan Binders, agenda, wearing college swag on Fridays, Cornell Notes, Philosophical Chairs, tutorials, and more.

This year we will be introducing our college house system to team-up our AVID culture with growth-mindset and PBIS (Positive Behavior Initiative System). The house system will be composed of four colleges: College of Integrity, College of Courage, College of Optimism, and Collge of Perseverance. The purpose of the college house system is to find ways to encourage students to have a stake in their school by seeking ways to exhibit excellence in behavior, academics, and in the conservation of the school building and resources. Students will now have a way to earn rewards as individuals and as a collective for their college house. As we roll out the college house system, we promise to provide more information and hope parents will join us in this exciting initiative to foster a spirit of pride.

I would personally like to extend a special year-long invitation to our families to join us at all school activities, events, and in the classroom. We want, need, and value your family’s involvement in your child’s education. PTSA will have sign-up sheets for all programs, as well as other areas that need your support. Please join PTSA and donate to the 2018-2019 “Team Up with the Titans” fundraising campaign!

I am thrilled to welcome you to a new year of learning and growing. On behalf of all of the teachers and administrators, I look forward to working with you to make this an excellent year for your student.


Kindra L. Smith. Ed S. Principal of Elkins Pointe Middle School

“Home of the Titans”

For the remainder of the summer, I hope you have had a chance to replenish your energies and spend time doing things that bring you joy. I was able to devote restorative time with my family at the beach.

We are proud to

to continue the high-quality programs and opportunities available for our students to reach personal success. ​

We strive for students to experience a well-rounded program that helps them harness their uniqueness and strengths.

Our theme for this school year is​ ​Elkins Pointe: Let your Mind-Set the Stage! Our focus for our students this year is to continue developing and maintaining a growth mindset, understanding that they control their own learning by how much effort they are willing to apply and working collaboratively with others to reach common goals! Believing in themselves can assist them with owning their own learning. Having a ​growth​ mindset will support them as they g​row​ this school year. Working together with others will give them opportunities to develop empathy and understanding for others who come from different backgrounds and experiences. Elkins Pointe Middle School’s curriculum is rigorous, relevant and provides the best possible opportunity to succeed academically and socially.

You, as parents, are the most critical part of your child’s ​growth.​ You take an active and crucial role in providing an atmosphere that promotes education and quality work habits. Your support provides the foundation for students to come ready to ​grow​. I strongly encourage you to be an active part of your child’s education by staying involved with their life at school and at home. Have positive conversations about school when at home. Challenge your child to be their very best as you model these characteristics in your own life. Elkins Pointe staff will continue to work closely with families on ways to support students to​ be the change ​at school and in life.

You will find your child’s teachers are your best resource and I encourage you to build a positive partnership with them. I look forward to working with you as partners in helping your children grow​ academically, socially, and emotionally. I am honored to be your Principal at Elkins Pointe and I look forward to working with our amazing community.

We will “Team Up” this year to continue shaping a school environment that keeps students, teachers, and parents “Smart, Happy, and Connected.” The dedication of our staff and the support of our PTSA creates an atmosphere where every student feels challenged and loved at the same time.

Our building is looking pretty spiffy thanks to a fresh coat of paint provided by SPLOST. We are ready to roll out a new 3-Year Strategic Plan which focuses on thewhole-child’s pursuit of his or her chosen path. As an AVID school, we embed College and Career Readiness into our framework and culture, thereby creating a school where students’ growth mindset becomes key. Growth mindset simply means we nurture our students’ development through dedication, hard work, and belief in themselves. We want our students to learn how to organize their school work better; ask questions to discover career possibilities; and get prepared for high school. Being “Smart, Happy and Connected” truly means improving our students’ quality of life.

One core belief that each one of us at Elkins Pointe Middle School holds to be true: Every child has the ability to learn and to succeed. Over the next several months, you will hear about Fulton County Schools’ initiative to bring the Standards Mastery Framework to each school, and we will present more specific information as this process unfolds. The Standards Mastery Framework provides clarity to the Georgia Standards of Excellence by offering multiple means for teachers to ensure students learn and achieve at high levels, regardless of the student’s learning style.